Ukrainian-American Influencer Collaborates with ‘Creative Podcast’ | Raising Awareness for “The Kids of Ukraine”

Ukrainian American Influencer Collaborates with Ajay Tambe’s ‘Creative Podcast’ | A Story and Interview Raising Awareness for “The Kids of Ukraine”

About the Story ‘THE HIDDEN SHELTER’:

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In the war-torn region of Ukraine, Sergeant Mikhail discovers a hidden underground shelter where he meets Katya, a young girl who plays the violin. Inspired by her music, they unite soldiers and civilians, using music as a means to bridge divides and envision a future of peace.

This heartwarming story delves into the depths of the human spirit, capturing the essence of resilience and the transformative nature of music. As the characters navigate the battlefield, torn between duty and their longing for peace, they discover a refuge in the hidden underground shelter where the power of Katya’s violin becomes a beacon of hope, captivating soldiers and civilians alike.

The narrative follows Sergeant Mikhail, a weathered soldier, as he discovers Katya, a gifted violinist, and their shared mission to bring harmony to a divided world.

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About the Guest ‘ Valerie Alden ‘ :

Valerie Alden is a Ukrainian-American social media influencer who was born in Ukraine and adopted at the age of two by an American-born couple.

She came home on Thanksgiving Day. She grew up struggling from the trauma she faced from the orphanage. She was very sick and barley survived that winter. She got beyond that horrific stage and became very athletic and gymnastics was her sport. When she wasn’t doing gymnastics she would be on the computer designing stuff in photoshop, and with other adobe apps.

As she would design stuff she would listen to her  favorite artists Billie Eilish, Taylor swift, Indie Dupre, and Tate Mcrae. Fun fact, she has met both Billie Eilish and Indy Dupré.  If her parents weren’t around, she’d sneak her mom camera at age 5 and snap photographs of candles. Her parents knew she had a creative eye to her. Her adoptive parents worked hard to get to where they are. They have different backgrounds: her mother is a property manager for, and was a school psychologist by background. her father is an attorney and retired commercial airline pilot who now works for the FAA. Valerie has a brother, Matt Alden, who is the same age and shares their father’s passion for aviation. They have always been supportive of Valerie wanting to know more about her heritage and her biological family.

Despite living in the US, she has never forgotten her roots and has always been proud of her Ukrainian heritage. She has been actively supporting Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion and admits that it is difficult to witness second handley the suffering of the Ukrainian people and children. She has lost family in Ukraine. She doesn’t let that stop her from using her voice. She has always been passionate about her culture since she was very little.  Through her experiences, Valerie Alden wants to encourage anyone to make a difference in the world.

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