Upendra Rana from ‘Make Your Brandz’ leads with proficiency in digital marketing.

If you dream big, define your own success, stay motivated and work hard, there will be no limit to what you can accomplish in life. Upendra Rana, who never thought he “would become writer and entrepreneur.” Today, has more than eight  years of experience as a digital marketer. Rising East calls him the “first Indian writer” who wrote a book on SEO and a Delhi based hindi magazine Brahmasagar named him “Ruchi se miltey Rozgar.” Last City Dhwani called him “Digital India Ke Digital Writer” . The name comes into “India book of Record” & “International Book of Record” as an author for writing books on SEO.

He has also been nominated for an award “The Human Excellency” and the same is going to be presented to him on  28-Apr-17 at Audifort Auditorium Delhi. He will also get a Second Award on 11-May-17 in Mumbai. For this, he has been interviewed by several TV news channels and 90.4 FM Radio Salam Namaste. His interviews and success stories have also been published in several local and national newspapers besides digital media. It takes enormous amount of hard work to reach where Upendra is today.

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The modern world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities but, there was a time When Upendra was searching for a job in 2012 after completing MCA, one company asked to him to do two months free work for them. That time he did not have enough knowledge about digital marketing, also no books were available in the market written by Indian writer from where he could read and learn SEO. Upendra never wanted the young generation to face the same hurdles and challenges thus he “decided to write book as soon as he gained experience.” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat , determination and hard work. On chat with us Upendra Rana shared his adversities that he had to go through during his book publication. “No one shows interest in my content digital marketing. That’s why I have to move German Publisher and got my booked published through “BookRix”.

Upendra has left no stone unturned , he has shaken himself out of his comfort zone and brought out the bug in him. It’s a common saying hard work pays off and so it does for Upendra who currently owns an IT company named “Make Your Brandz” where he does all IT related works. He also gives free training to young and poor students. People like Upendra are the future movers and shakers of the world whose main motive of life is to earn fame rather than money. If given a chance he would still not do things differently and is happy with digital marketing as it’s a vast field and can job to the needy ones.

Further in conversation with Upendra we got to know about his inspiration. Though his Father, elder brother and mother are his ideals but his father inspire him the most. His journey from a farmer’s boy to Principal in government School at Arunachal Pradesh. “I have no words to describe his journey and would just say that, I am Proud to be his son.”

Upendra believes that, “There is no shortcut formula to become successful. Success comes into multiple steps. Each and every steps has barrier need to cross to test height of success.”

For him writing is always a challenging task but you can manage if you have good critics in your home. His wife supports him the most in his writing endeavour.                                                          

Job satisfaction was the key driver for Upendra and his struggle with less marks and recession made him a Digital marketer and he is now happy with the choices he made.

Failure gives you enough courage to fight and one day you become successful” keeping this in his mind Upendra worked long hours and sleepless nights , willing to take a step back before taking a giant leap forward, he never allowed hurdles and hardships to stop his way and we believe he has the bug to achieve anything he desires.

He request all the young people to have faith in God and study hard. “Whatever God had decided for you must have been according to your position and strength. Never lose hope in any stage of life, if you have zeal power and innovative ideas then become Entrepreneur. No one can stop you. One day you will be on cloud nine and the key skills required to achieve that would be:

Innovative and Unique Ideas

Dedication & Determination

Courage- To test failure also, don’t know whether you become hero or zero.

Upendra characterized life of an Entrepreneur as “Challenging” and his main motive of life is to earn fame rather than money.