Urbanaac : The New Era of Construction

Ganesh Housing – Malabar County III

Attributing to Urbanaac philosophy, ‘Build for the Future Built with Urbanaac’, the projects designed are handled through a modernistic outlook. The architects of the contemporary age have come together to contribute to the futuristic vision of Urbanaac. A part of which is the Malabar line of buildings, revolutionizing infrastructure by delivering the highest quality of precast solutions. Precast enables an accelerated erection process making the construction faster than ever.

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With the exquisite construction styles and methods, Urbanaac is now introducing Malabar County III by Ganesh Housing. The line of towers includes 6 towers aesthetically spread over 4,50,000 sq. feet area. Constructed using 10,000+ precast elements, zero accidents were noted on the site. With the expertise of 6+ engineers and craftsmanship of 60+ highly skilled workforce, Ganesh Housing- Malabar towers stand as the depiction of grace, beauty, affluence, and strength beside its sister flats Malabar Exotica which is an upcoming project.

Ganesh Housing – Malabar County III, a project benefitting the ecosystem through its sustainability philosophy is one of its kind finally resulting in the precast finished apartment.

Urbanaac Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. is a trailblazer in the Pre-Cast construction industry and it is acclaimed to be Gujarat’s Largest Pre-cast Solutions provider. Spread over an enormous area of 25 acres inhabits our illustrious ‘State-of-the-Art’ manufacturing facility situated near Bavla, Ahmedabad.

The team of Urbanaac is equipped with significant expertise, catering to a wide spectrum of must-haves with their precise planning, attention to detail and commitment to quality approach.

With this ideology as the foundation to every project, you can be assured that your project lies in safe hands.

In its core, Urbanaac Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. envisions to see India evolve as an ‘Infra- Driven Superpower’ by offering revolutionary changes in the respective industry. Our adamant commitment and devotion towards delivering best-in-class precast solutions is undaunted.Watch Full Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnoVbBGgI2Y