User-Friendly and Unique Interface (UI/UX) design boosts sales by 60% in E-commerce.

E-commerce websites, which have had a growth rate of about 10X times since the pandemic, are adapted according to digitalized shopping habits. The best Website designs stand out as the critical issue for digital platforms that want to offer their products and services directly to consumers. Vyakhya Mishra, Design and Development Specialist at TECHUSU, said, “Changing consumer habits in this digital ultra-modern era are now determined by criteria similar to user experience, functionality, and user interface. Although this situation seems to increase costs for companies, investing in the best website designs can directly affect the time the buyer spends on the site and makes it possible to increase transactions by 60%.”

The number of e-commerce websites is increasing rapidly around the globe, “Online shopping is the global market”. The fact that it has become popular throughout the world makes it tough to get a share of the global market. Presently, there are 25 million shopping sites around the world. Thus, the brands that want to stand out in the giant ecosystem invest more to attract the attention of their customers. At this stage, e-commerce websites, which have a complex structure, need to combine numerous factors such as product table, creative images, homepage design to produce a unique user experience and to receive professional and the best e-commerce website design and development support.”

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User experience saves 60% on other costs.
According to the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange study, “Enhancing the user experience before the website design saves 60% from spending on other resources”, The data shows that how you represent your website is more important than what you give. The visual design is further than a good design. A complete

genuine and user-friendly design reveals the capability, interest, suitability, and value of the brands in their business while reducing the other costs of the website. Thus, it is not enough to make the website design superficially only be visible. It is necessary to get support from the best digital solutions agency that can develop and design preferences best suitable for visions of the businesses.

We offer both design and development of e-commerce platforms. The numerous criteria suitable for the business depends on the design phase of a site. Vyakhya Mishra continues her words as follows, “Before coming along to the design phase, a good web designer needs to know the visitor demographic of the website, its contenders to make the page special, and the main provocation of the visitors. At this point, as TECHUSU, we prepare the most suitable and stylish website designs for the requirements and trends of businesses by using new generation algorithms for the best e-commerce website designs. In addition to the design, we also offer services similar to Digital Marketing, e-commerce Development, Software Development, Business Website Development and Fintech Solutions. We accompany businesses not only as Designers and Developers but also as digital guides in their e-commerce adventure.”

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