Verylocals – The New Ecommerce Champion, says “Lets Localize the World”

Verylocals, a brand that works for the local good around the world and is specially dedicated to products and goods that are produced locally. Verylocals, as the name suggests it comes from very and local. The company comes under the banner Pipe Dream eSolutions that was established in 2017. The venture was started with the aim to provide best services online with their localised products. Praveen Pandey, Managing Director of Pipe Dream eSolutions was when asked about the vision that the venture was started with, he remarked, “We aim to run a full-fledged e-commerce company that specialises in providing better prices to the netizen without compromising with the quality of the goods and products.”

Pipe Dream eSolutions under the brand has various ventures under its roof that offer variety of products. All the products act as ‘Vocal for Local’ the other venture beside Verylocals that are under its roof include, various Instagram shops like heart_it_vintage. Praveen holds more than 15 years of experience in various industries and multiple disciplines. Praveen is passionate about the work he does and says, “I am passionate about ecommerce. I help and support small businesses worldwide. I believe that they should have opportunities to reach all around the globe.” Praveen and his team members and life and Business Partners in business AbhighnaMiryala, herself a fashion enthusiast who currently handles and manages heart_it_vintage, the five-member team that who are managing logistics, ecommerce store digital marketing, sales and technical support. Everything by the team members. “Our team not to forget those priceless people they have been a constant support without them it wouldn’t have been possible” says Pipe Dream eSolutions MD Praveen Pandey. With the innovative skills and techniques, they have made it possible for small scale businesses to expand and grow with just a click of a button. 

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Praveen and team aim to provide products at nominal and affordable prices. They support online and offline businesses and help them gain visibility across the globe. Verylocals is the place where one can gain visibility, it is an online marketplace from where a business can sell or resell products or buy or sell any product at rates that are convenient to you. This platform aims to bridge the gap between online and offline selling. The platform not only facilitates retailers but manufacturers and distributors as well, who are looking for platforms to gain audience and sell their products to people around the world. Everyone and anyone can register themselves with just few clicks without any complex process and instantly start selling products online worldwide at zero percent commission. The Verylocals unique feature that allows non-manufacturers and distributors to earn.

If you’re an individual who is looking for a means of earning, you can register yourself at Verylocals with easy registration process and resell the products at the price that is set by distributors and manufacturers for a product. For customers, all you have to do is sign up as a customer and voila! You can buy best products across the globe at best prices and enjoy discounts, promotional offers on products, frequent sales available on Verylocals.

Verylocals is a team of highly experienced professional with combined experience of 24 years. The team is working hard to provide to the best of best services to a customer, retailer or a distributor. The company believes in transparency and update you with every step keeping the process transparent. They offer farm products that are fresh and directly brought from the farm and are sold at fair prices. The Verylocals is a business-friendly platform that offer variety of services depending upon your business.

The Verylocals is dedicated and determined to provide premium quality products to the people across the world. Verylocals will expand and grow, simultaneously will help other small businesses to grow and come onto the surface. By 2022 Verylocal plans to reach 5 other country and provide their services to each and every corner of the globe. Allowing retailers, sellers, distributors and manufactures to grow with the help of Verylocal.

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