Vision digital India launching first in the world GDKP Initiative to achieve world’s largest Skill Development Initiative for 80 crore youth of India.

Vision digital India launching first in the world GDKP Initiative to achieve world’s largest Skill Development Initiative for 80 crore youth of India to achieve $5 trillion economy dream of Honourable PM Modi on 25th March 2022 at International Conference On GDKP India at IMS Noida Campus with a special emphasis on new metrics for the Health and Wealth of the Nation catalysing Gross Domestic Knowledge Product (GDKP) of India in association with Centre for Digital Future, University of Southern California USA.

The GDKP Initiative is developed by Prof Umberto Sulpasso -Senior Fellow University of Southern California Los Angeles who is also part of NITI Ayog Government of India. The GDKP India Centre will be launched and Headed by Dr Hari Krishna Maram – Digital Brand Ambassador and Chairman Vision Digital India. The India GDKP team consist of international repute educationist, economist, industrialist, political, bureaucrats, NGOs, Social Influencers and many more.

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The present Team consists of:

Dr Manju Gupta – Dean Academics IMS Noida -Heading Operations for GDKP Knowledge Hub Noida.

Dr Preeti Adhav – Founder-CEO: Monks-learning lab -Heading Strategy for GDKP India Centre.

To achieve this herculean task Vision Digital India is in talks with various state governments to launch skill universities towards the goal of youth empowerment and financial sustainability.

Vision Digital India has launched a course that has trained 1 lakh students until 2021. This course has equipped the youth with digital and analytical skills, which are much sought-after by the corporate sector.

Many bright young minds today do not get to live their dreams of making it big in the corporate world, simply because there exists an immense divide between the education that has been imparted to them and industry requirements. The core problem is that the industry is upgrading itself at such a breakneck speed that most educational institutions cannot keep up. That is why the courses they offer are becoming dated and obsolete, and students armed with such degrees find themselves to be inadequately trained to make the cut in a highly competitive industry.

“This is what Vision Digital India had in mind when it created a course that is precisely tailored to meet the demands of the corporate world, and ensure that students are industry-ready. Through its endeavour, Vision Digital India is trying to make PM Narendra Modi’s flagship campaign Digital India a resounding success and it is succinctly summed up in their motto ‘Enable Digital’,” said Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman, Vision Digital India, on asking about this endeavour.

To turn aspirations into reality, Vision Digital India has incorporated niche technology into its course-structure to make it industry-relevant. Employers don’t just look into a candidate’s scorecard but what truly works in a student’s favour is how quickly he/she can be inducted into the workforce. And, this calls students for acquiring a better understanding of new and advanced technological concepts like data science, cloud and analytics, forming the backbone of an industry.

What sets the course apart is the fact that Vision Digital India is bringing to the table top-notch education at extremely affordable prices. What adds to its USP is that it has joined hands with the likes of Google, IBM, and Amazon, to rope in their technical know-how. For example, the analytics certificate comes from IBM and Google certifies the Digital Marketing course.

Moreover, Vision Digital India has secured the help of industry professionals who know the real world, how it works, latest updates and requirements, and what employers expect from employees. Who is better to instruct and train students than those men and women who have been working in the corporate world? 

But, how does it go about it? Vision Digital India approaches colleges to implement its course. As per university regulations, the duration of the course is set at 80 hours. The bulk of it, around 60% is dedicated to hands-on training and the remaining 40% is all about theories.

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