Visual Galaxy, also known as Abhishek Raval, is a rising star in the music industry.

India’s youngest musical artist & Visual Artist, so far, life shares his life experiences.

Abhishek Rawal started his music industry journey at the age of 18 in July 2018, when mostly kids his age are still trying to figure out what they want to do in life.

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Today, he is well-known as Musical Artist, Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. But for him, mostly of the recognition came through YouTube, which he created in July 2018.

Abhishek’s story starts on 15 March 2000 at the date of which he was born in Sirohi, Rajasthan at his home town. After a year from there to they go to Surat, Gujarat with his family and he started studying to there. He was very genius and popular since childhood. But from there, he has travelled a long, arduous journey in a middle-class family up to the annals of online media and is raring to go for more. In his own worlds, “Believe in yourself, Nothing is impossible. Do such a great work in such a way that people’s father’s tell your example to his kids”.

Studied and raised in Surat, before Abhishek found music way, he was completed his 12th standard studies at Vidhya kunj school. It was around that time, in 2018, then after he was join Vivekanand BCA College for the Bachelor Of Application. But there was a few days time for the college to start, then one day while sitting, Abhishek thought of doing something interesting. That he took the first step towards becoming ‘Visual Galaxy’ By creating his own YouTube channel on 21 July 2018, to share his music with world. As an beginner artist, he try to first make interesting Edited Videos after that work with Mashups and Remixes of original songs and his soulful rendition of the already popular hits made him popular  with his listeners and his audience love his work. After the 10 months he complete his 1000 YouTube subscribers and 2 million plus views on his channel and then, after his best time started. His every videos like a booster. Every video goes very popular and viewed on his channel. At the end of 2019 he complete his 100k YouTube subscribers and that was a special moment for them. Abhishek persisted with his hard work and today he reached almost around 500k subscribers. He is a very popular Youtuber and his YouTube channel Visual Galaxy also verified as an official artist.

Abhishek Rawal as a Musical Artist. He has worked with the top Djs and Singers of India, he makes his skills into many types of music generation. “Valentine Mashup”,”Punjabi Love Mashup”,”wedding Love Mashup” & all types Love songs are mostly popular.

He says, “I always make music with feelings and more creative and my audience love that” his music also available on popular platform like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, jio Saavan, Hungama, YouTube Music, Facebook & Instagram Storys and Reels etc.

Today, Abhishek Rawal has become a artist he worked with many popular companies and labels for the some Videos. Today he has achieved a commendable position in the Digital Marketing World.