What is the “BOLLYWOOD REELS APP” that will replace TikTok?

Ever since the Chinese app has been banned by the Indian government, especially TikTok users are looking for new alternatives. In such a situation, you will get to see many apps in the Play Store which work just like TikTok. But do you know that BOLLYWOODREELS PRIVATE LIMITED has also launched a Short Video Format App “BOLLYWOOD REELS”.

If you do not know what is BOLLYWOOD REELS, what are its new features and how to use it, then you must read this article completely so that you can get the right information about this subject. Although this new app BOLLYWOOD REELS seems to be very similar to TikTok, but it is not. So let’s know about the new BOLLYWOOD REELS App.

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BOLLYWOOD REELS is an Indian Short Videos App developed by Bollywoodreels Pvt.Ltd. Launched by. This is a short video app that has been made locally, especially for Indians, Bollywoodreels Pvt.Ltd. through.

BOLLYWOOD REELS is a free Short Video and Social Platform using which you can watch and share short entertainment videos.

“BOLLYWOOD REELS” has been designed keeping in mind the need of Indians, because in its background you get to see the picture of India. This proves that this is a completely Indian short video app.

In “BOLLYWOOD REELS”, you can create and upload funny videos. Apart from this, you can also upload gaming videos. Not only this, you can upload all types of videos like Dialogue, Dubbing, Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes etc.

Who is the Owner of “BOLLYWOOD REELS”?

“BOLLYWOOD REELS” is a short video community created by bollywoodreels Private Limited.


Now let’s know about the main features of “BOLLYWOOD REELS”, which is very similar to TikTok.

  1. Trending India hot videos: Here you can browse all trending hot, funny, amazing videos that too in just one swipe.

2. Save and share status: Here you will get up to 10,000 status videos to share.

3. Shoot and edit: Users can very easily record their creative side. They can also edit them and make it special.

4. Beauty Cam: Users can also choose beauty effects and filters when they are shooting a video.

5. Video Editor: Users can combine and adjust videos as per their wish.

6. Photo Editor: Users can choose the best photos according to them and create stories.

7. Music Library: Here you also get a music library in which you will see the fresh editor’s picks.

8. Languages Supported: It supports many languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and English.


If you want to use “BOLLYWOOD REELS” App then you have to download it. After that, you have to create your own account in it. Only after this, you can upload your videos in it.

Who are the competitors of “BOLLYWOOD REELS” App?

Talking about the competitors of “BOLLYWOOD REELS” App, then it includes many names like TIKTOK, MITRON, INSTAGRAM REELS, CHINGARI, ROPOSO, FUNIMATE, TRILLER, DUBSMASH, DOOBIDO, CHEEZ.

How to Upload Video in BOLLYWOOD REELS?

To upload video in Bollywood Reels, you have to follow some steps, let’s know about that now.

Step #1. First of all you have to open BOLLYWOOD REELS APP.

Step #2. Now you will see a + (plus) icon in front. It will be there in the middle somewhere below.

Step #3. As you click on Plus, three options appear in front of you.

Shoot – Which you can use to record or to do a live video.

Edit video – In this, you get the option of gallery. If you want, you can upload your video from the gallery.

Edit image – If you want, you can upload an image by editing it.

Step #4. Now you will see many options like filter, effect, music, speed, sticker and subtitle. Here you have to make a video according to your choice.

Step #5. Then, you have to click on complete which is located at the top. To fill the description of the video, you can apply hashtags.

Step #6. Finally, you have to finally click on Upload. At the same time, if you want, you can also save your video without any watermark.

Is Bollywood Reels App a Free App?

Yes Bollywood Reels App is completely free app which you will get to download in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Link 1- https://instagram.com/bollywoodreelsapp?utm_medium=copy_link Link 2- www.bollywoodreels.com