What is the secret behind Jignasha Patel’s success? Who is her godfather?

All the philosophers of the world have said that woman is the biggest mystery of the world and after the creation of woman, even God could not understand woman, then what will man understand. Whether we talk about ancient times or today’s world, but Indian society has always been dominated by women. Yes, it is a different matter that in the male-dominated society, women could not get the respect they deserve. However, women have always shown their feminine power. Today we are talking about such a woman power, whose name is Jignasha Patel. Yes, Jignasha Patel has given the introduction of women power by achieving success through her hard work. She has proved that there is no match for women power.
Jignasha Patel is a well-known name in Gujarati and Hindi literature and entertainment industry. Talking about his writing, apart from five novels, more than seven regular columns have been written for different newspapers. After her success in the literary world, Jignasha Patel started acting and writing scripts for Gujarati cinema. Along with the script of the film, she also wrote the songs and comic series. And she worked with a lot of well-known production houses. She has written more than fifty projects till date. Which is available on platforms like YouTube, MX Player, Amazon Music, Jio Saavn, Gaana dot com,Matrubharti etc.
She is a good actress as well as a good writer, the proof of which can be seen in the novels and articles she has written so far. His novel ‘L.O.C.-Love Apposé Crime’ written last year has also received a lot of love from the people. And her acting in her songs was also highly appreciated. Jignasha Patel’s popularity remains as a famous writer not only in Gujarat but in the whole country. At present, Jignasha Patel expresses her opinion on current issues and problems through her writings in direct and precise words, perhaps today she has created a different identity in the hearts of millions of readers due to her style of writing.
In a conversation with the media, the actress told that ”It was not easy for me to enter this field. Nor did I have any identity in the industry. Neither did I have a godfather. But I didn’t lose courage. When I talked about going to this field at home, at first everyone refused. But then with great difficulty I convinced everyone. And the success that I have got today did not come just like that. I have spent a lot of time behind this. I have worked hard and at the same time I have had to listen to a lot of taunts from many people and relatives. But after success I am happy that I chose this field and I will work in this field in future also. And I will try to give something different to my audience through my writing and acting.”
Thus Jignasha Patel made a strong identity with only her pen, without any experience without any recognition , she moved to Mumbai, the biggest bustling city of the country and made her own identity. Thus this Gujju writer and actress is an inspiration for today’s young generation.

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