What really is visionary leadership, explains Vinay Maloo, Founder of Enso Group.

The Founder and Chairman of Enso Group talks about visions being important in turning people into successful business leaders.

There are a lot of things and factors that, over the years, have changed how businesses are built and how they are developed and managed. The way business management has changed can be attributed to various economic and societal trends around them. Today, consumers have turned quite smart in their choices; they are aware of the happenings around them and hence want to support those companies that are passionate and determined to make a positive difference in the world. And the only way companies and businesses can do this is through visionary leadership, states Vinay Maloo, the Founder and Chairman of Enso Group. This Mumbai-based conglomerate has come to the forefront of the business world after starting in 2005.

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Vinay Maloo explains what visionary leadership really is. He says that a critical part of visionary leadership is, of course, a great vision. Visionary leaders are those who inspire and motivate others to pursue their long-term visions in their journeys. He believes this can be done by goal setting, active participation, and communication. For people to turn into visionary leaders, they need to have proper clarity of their goals and also be clear about the massive impact they wish to make for their organisation and for the community.

Also, he highlights that there are different types of visionary leadership styles, which visionary leaders can try and incorporate to drive toward success. These different styles are based on essential factors like standards and performance, clarity, rewards, flexibility, responsibility, and commitment. For entrepreneurs to have truly visionary management styles, they need to be flexible enough to allow their teams to innovate and invent. These leaders do not get lost in the minute day-to-day things but focus on their long-term goals and vision of the organisation. Visionary leaders trust their organisations and the people working in them. They are dedicated to inspiring and infusing more positivity to help them achieve their best, turning them into their best version, says Vinay Maloo.