Winning Move Events and In2future present The International Innovative Future Summit and Awards 2022 Bangkok, Thailand

International Innovative Future Summit, (IIFS) Bangkok 2022 organized by the most prestigious organization In2future & Winning Move Events  in association  with 100+ National & international organizations as sponsors & partners. 

It is one of the renowned organizations that has stringent evaluation criteria and complicated contemporary judging criteria, and only those who are selected are given the opportunity to attend this program. It dedicates itself to acknowledge, recognize & appreciate the individual & organization who are doing stand-out work in their industry for the holistic growth of the society.

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It organized IIFS on 27th November 2022 in the Berkeley Pratunam, Bangkok where they brought together leaders from 55+ countries under a single roof to power learning and promote the concept of collaboration in the 21st century maximizing the learning opportunities for all. International prominent personalities opened the gates of their wisdom to furnish a downpour of exquisite and mind-blowing experiences. 

The event was graced by theChief Guest -Mr. Ravi Sehgal President- ITCC (India Thai Chamber of Commerce), Guest of Honour- Dr.Alka Gupta (Managing Director- AGATH Health Care Co. Ltd.) Bangkok, Keynote Session by Mrs. MadhuDayal Chawla, HP Mathur, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Sujata Bhatia, AnuraggBharaktiya,Surinder Sharma,  Shweta Chhabra &RavneetDhingra from different countries.

Educators participated from countries like Canada, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, USA, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Yemen, Croatia, Malaysia, Peru, Libya, Oman, Bangladesh, Nigeria, North Macedonia, India, and many more from other countries in Physical & Virtual Mode.

Name of Awardees

KU. POONAM CHAUHANThe Most Innovative Teacher Of The Year
GBM EnterpriseThe Most Innovative Coaching Institute At International Stage
Dr.Nawab Shaikh IbrahimLifetime Achievement Award
Devayan ChakrabortyThe Best Edupreneur of the Year
Spectrum AcademyThe Best Institution For Competitive Exam
Allied Aesthetic International Institute Pvt LtdBest Institute for Cosmetology, Trichology & Aesthetics.
Dr.MadhuDayal ChawlaAward for Best Teacher for Advanced Aesthetics
Shravan KokrooIconic Young Marketer of the Year
Dr Sarada Prasad MohapatraThe Best Professor in Botany & Environmental Science
OnkarHaseYoungest Dynamic Director Of the Year
CSR Memorial MarticulationBest School Of the Year
PoornimaVenkateshEducational Excellence Award
Dr sanjay KumarOutstanding Career & Relationship Counsellor
ThokchomSanju SinghFuturistic Leadership  Award 
St. Antony’s Public SchoolThe Most Innovative School Chain
Prof. H.P. MathurLifetime Acheivement Award For Contribution to Education
StudentQRGlobal Edutech Award
PositudeThe Best Event Management Company Of the Year
Step Up AcademyThe Most Innovative Leading Educational Organization
AnuraggBharaktiyaGlobal Innovative Child Education Counsellor
Ignacio Cordova KrFuturistic Leadership  Award 
Kayan Private High SchoolMost Innovative School with Unique Pedagogies
Dr. Nitin DumasiaDynamic Young Entrepreneur Working for UN Sustainable Development Goals
Jay Dee International TradersLeading Importers & Distributors of Natural Cosmetics, Incense Sticks & Cones
Dr Sujata BhatiaDynamic Career Coach
Dr. Shweta RastogiFuturistic Education Leader
Satmat Technology pvt limitedInnovative Software Solution For excellence in Enterprise Compliance
Dr. Drishti GoyalYoungest Dynamic Entrepreneur
SravaniSamanthapudiFuturistic Education Leader
HaithikasnFuturistic Education Leader
JuvyFantilananFuturistic Education Leader
Virinchi C VYoung Researcher Award
Akhilesh ThakurThe Headmaster Contributed to Student Community
DhruboJyoti SenMost Innovative Scientist & Researcher Of The Year
RinkuChakrobortyAspire to be one of the Best Publisher
Nikita PandeyRenowned Tarot Card Reader / The Youngest Dynamic Women Tarot card Reader
Hem Chandra JoshiCertified Counsellor in BCA & MCA
Latha Narayanan ValliProfessional Women Achiever Award
ReenaGoelDynamic Young Teacher Award
Joel DoblarGlobal Youth Leader For Community & Education
Nitin UrmaliyaThe Most Innovative Ayurveda Assistant Professor
Sadashiv AwghadFuturistic Leadership  Award 
TishaMahendruShahaniYoung Psychologist & Hypnotherapist
PreetiJajuProfessional Yoga Instructor
BhavikDevaniMost Trustable Cooperative Bank for Gold Loans
Dr.LaxmikantaMahapatraDynamic Leader Of Education Industry
Dr.DhavalpatelMost Distinctive Innovative Professor
Dr RizwanamustafaBest doctor of women’s health awareness
Jaya NagBest Bengali Unique Song ‘HiyarMajhe’
VikashTibrewalBest Director of the Year
Anuj GuptaInnovative Technopreneur Of The Year
Dr. S. S Onyx NathanaelLeadership Award in Innovative Education
Gopal T KrishannanWoman Research Director
Electraminds InnovationRevolutionizing Electrical Industry
SrinuMohantyUnique & Distinctive Organization in Fire,Hotel Management & Safety
SravaniSamanthapudFuturistic Leadership  Award 
Priya Singh         Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Museveni Hakizimana                                      Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dr.Pallavi Garg                                                  Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Marcel Hoto                                                       Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Anwaruzzaman Azad                                       Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MARTIN G JAYAKANTH                                   Futuristic Leadership  Award 
HalirRamzi                                                        Futuristic Leadership  Award 
FaridGunawan                                                   Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Romal Kapoor                                                    Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Rohan Perera                                                    Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Shan Bandara                                                  Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Jasbir Saini                                                     Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Madhusmitamishra                                       Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dr. Abdul Jabbar Mohamed Aliyar              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
NoyelWijayarathna                                      Futuristic Leadership  Award 
AINUR  KYDYRALIEVA                                 Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MOHAMMAD ASIF PASHA                         Futuristic Leadership  Award 
LahiruAtukorala                                          Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Saifullah Khaled                                          Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dhadimuni  Dimesh                                    Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Nazia Begum                                               Futuristic Leadership  Award 
DEMIE ATIENZA                                         Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Md  Asaduzzaman                                      Futuristic Leadership  Award 
ZarviRomaguera                                        Futuristic Leadership  Award 
SithaMahaLakshmi P                                Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Ghulam sakhiAqili                                    Futuristic Leadership  Award 
SumuduWijesooriya                                Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MADUGULA Rithvik                            Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Ignacio Cordova Jr                              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Deepak Agarwal                                 Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Rudra Chowdhury Turjo                     Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Marcus Divaincy Fernando                 Futuristic Leadership  Award 
RAJAT AGRAWAL                              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Ahsan Habib                                       Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MadhuAnallurParappurath             Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dr Ashraf Baba                                  Futuristic Leadership  Award 
ChimmonPakma                                Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Jayashree S                                        Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Basharath Kareem                             Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Kamlesh Kumar  Pandey                  Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Shaneen Angelique Morales            Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Rahul Bhojak                                     Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Mani Kant Yadav                               Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Sivasankaribalan                             Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dr Ashraf Baba                                Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Abhay Desai                                     Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Kunj Singh                                              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
LakshmipathyPathy                              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Sachin Jadhav                                      Futuristic Leadership  Award 
ALLAN DELOS REYES                          Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MasudGarba                                         Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Krishna Shankar Singh                        Futuristic Leadership  Award 
HafizaSabeelaJawaid                        Futuristic Leadership  Award 
MukhtiaraliBurfat                           Futuristic Leadership  Award 
ANTONELL ALBANO                            Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Shankar Lingam Gourishetty                  Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Dishant Patel                                              Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Kirit Modi                                                     Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Sanat Kumar Mishra                                    Futuristic Leadership  Award 
Ankur Das                                                Futuristic Leadership  Award