Winvesta partners with Shivasi International— Set to launch India’s First Multi-Currency Account.

A young entrepreneur is changing the face of the industry. He is Suraj Shrivastav, CEO Shivasi International. At a very young he is the owner, founder of various national and international firms. In 2013 Suraj founded, an IT company Tri Alliance Technologies with Inderjeet Singh Ahluwalia. He has various operating firms worldwide, such as a leading firm that helps open companies in the USA, Shivasi International Solutions LLC. Suraj also owns multiple pathological and diagnostic labs in Delhi-NCR. In the USA, he has DTDC International Courier and Cargo.

Suraj has created a series of milestones in the industry and is now set to achieve one more with his collaboration with Winvesta. Winvesta is a fintech company building global financial solutions for individuals and businesses. The company allows individuals and businesses to make cross border investments, as two renowned companies have come together for something big.

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The partnership is all set to introduce India’s First Multi-Currency Account. The account will be regulated by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The account holders will be free to receive, save, convert, and spend globally in 30+ currencies, including GBP (Ponds), EUR (Euro) and USD (Dollar) INR (Rupee). Through this account, the holders will be able to Fund and Manage their International Investments easily without any complications. 

With Winvesta Investment Account, an account holder can invest in US stocks and ETFs easily. Not just this, Winvesta offers a Multi-Currency Account and an Investment Account to start their investment cross-borders. With the rise in investments, it is a perfect solution for cross border and multiple investments. The association of two couldn’t have had better timing.

Winvesta Investment Account unlocks investment opportunities in managed funds, international real estate, and foreign start-ups with SEPA, Faster Payments and ACH capabilities. It allows you to receive investment income and reallocate capital seamlessly without wasting your time and energy. Opening a Winvesta Investment Account takes 15 minutes and allows you to invest as much as you want. Winvesta application is available on Google Play Store and App Store. Once installed, the account can be made and offshore and cross border investments can be started.

For Indian businesses, it provides complete solutions and meets the need of Indian Businesses. They provide services like Service Exporters, Foreign Entity Accounts and Financial Institutions overseas. It also stops leakages of 3-7% foreign revenue that gets wasted. 

Suraj says, “Investing through Winvesta is safe and secure. Collaboration of Winvesta with Shivasi International in India would be a game-changer for boosting up the Indian Economy as India’s first multi-currency banking.” The collaboration of tycoons offers the following features to its customers:

  1. Holding Multiple Currencies

Winvesta allows its users to hold and convert 30 plus currencies, as many as they want, without any extra costs; this allows the investor to hold as many as they want. 

  1. Unique Account Details

Winvesta provides its account holder with a unique UK Account number, Virtual IBAN, Routing Number, Sort Code which allows its users to receive money in multiple currencies such as Ponds, Euro and Dollar, Rupee.

  1. Worldwide Network 

Winvesta allows its users to receive and send payments in 37 currencies to over 180 countries, from clients to buyers. Anyone anywhere can do it seamlessly. 

The affiliation will allow young entrepreneurs and businesses to make an account, permitting cross-border investments efficiently. It offers various plans at various pricing, starting with Base Account, which is free, and a Plus account that is just $9.99 per month with unlimited features. 

You can contact Shivasi International via following links:

Website: Contact Us – Shivasi International Solutions 


Contact: +1-808-707-6020


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