Woman gives birth to ‘premature’ baby girl in running bus

December 19, 2022 (ANI): A woman gave birth to a ‘premature’ baby girl in a running bus in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district on Monday morning.

The woman and the infant have been admitted to the district hospital. The woman’s condition is said to be normal whereas the baby girl is serious.

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The husband of the woman, Balram, a resident of Sagar district, said, “We were in Haryana and used to work as labourers there. The health condition of the woman deteriorated a few days ago as a result he reached a health centre to consult the doctor. The doctor informed us about the pregnancy and there were complications. He demanded Rs 20,000 for the treatment.”

“After that we came here via Delhi in a bus. While travelling in the bus, the delivery took place in the bus itself. The ambulance also reached the spot after the delivery but they did not take to the hospital. We take her to the hospital via bus.”

The woman, Chandani, said, “The doctors were demanding Rs 20,000 for the cleanliness. After that we took a bus to our home on Sunday evening. I was suffering from pain throughout the night. On Monday morning, the baby girl was born and after that she was admitted to the hospital.”

Doctor Rishi Shukla said, “The weight of the baby is 600g and it is a premature baby (22 weeks). The health condition of the baby is very critical and there are few chances of her survival. The baby girl was born in a bus and her cord was cut in the district hospital.” (ANI)