Yatender Rao working towards a better today & tomorrow

Yatender Rao is a dedicated family man, successful businessman, social worker, and politician. He approaches his life and its various aspects with a state of altruism and well-being. He is highly regarded and respected for his work towards society. As a citizen of a nation that requires a lot of structural effort and initiative, he is the man exactly for that. Yatender Rao’s ideals are aligned with those who believe in making a difference and bringing change to society and country. Firmly believing in being a politician for beyond the government and legislation, but for his people and nation is his motto.

Through various aspects of his life and work, we see this motto come to fruition and reality.

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A look into Yatender’s childhood

Yatender Rao hails from a family of social workers and educators, thus he gets his inspiration and work ethic from them. After earning his B.Tech, Law (LLB & LLM), and MBA degrees from top universities, he formed a strong desire to serve not only the society but also the people.

Yatender’s parents have carried the social work mantle for him, since his father, Shri RK Yadav, a retired Govt Officer is currently practicing as an advocate and social worker. Meanwhile, Yatender’s mother, Dr. (Smt.) Krishna Yadav, worked as a Professor in the Haryana government’s Higher Education Department and still working for women empowerment.

As a result, he became involved in politics while still in college. From an early age, he has been an active body of change for the BJP Youth Wing in Haryana, holding roles such as State Vice President, State Executive Committee Member, and Study Circle Head.

He is currently functioning in a key position in the mainstream BJP and has been a prominent member of the party for over a decade.

Vision behind starting the NGO

Our honourable Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi, is a major source of inspiration for Yatender Rao, an ambitious politician and admirable youth leader.

This inspiration led to the formation of the Jaihind Jansewa Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps people in need in the neighbourhood. This NGO has pledged to assist society by working tirelessly to improve the lives of those who are in need.

The NGO operated with maximum dedication and tenacity during the tumultuous and dreadful time of the pandemic. Dry rations, food packages, and animal food were organized and distributed. The NGO also assisted in the organization of blood donation and health camps.

The Jaihind Jansewa Foundation has hosted a number of health camps in collaboration with reputable national and international organizations such as the Red Cross, Rotary, and administration. These collaborations demonstrate the organization’s effect on both rural and urban level.

Yatender Rao has undoubtedly made efforts in improving conditions for the betterment of his own close surroundings. He believes in selflessly caring for society and also striving towards caring for people to the best of his ability. Revolutionizing society in a way that combines it with politics is his way to be an inspiration for today’s youth and to bring the necessary change.https://instagram.com/yatenderrao?utm_medium=copy_link