YoMindz, India’s first platform for the mental, emotional, and social skills of children

‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ is a detailed curriculum designed for children aged between 8 to 17 years old to analyse and work on their social and emotional quotient, keeping in mind the increasing number of mental and emotional breakdowns in children and adolescents in India. The program comes with a life-changing opportunity that ends up transitioning a child into an Emo–Warrior™ with an ability to tackle, embrace, and resolve any challenging situation no matter how tiny or humongous the matter is.

Research says India comprises 434 million children and adolescents aged between 10-19 years old, where emotional and psychological development is less focused on making them grow into beautiful minds. According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, in 2019, at least 50 million children in India were affected by mental health issues at any given time. A massive surge of mental health issues after the Covid -19 Pandemic resulted in anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies amongst children and adolescents.

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Emotional Intelligence in a child is vital for the healthier life of a child. Many times, it’s noted that kids run across circumstances surrounding emotional turbulence, be it related to academics in school or some kiddish acts at home. Positive social, emotional, and mental development in children is mandatory as it boosts a child’s self-confidence and empathy. It also develops long-lasting relationships with a sense of belonging and value, together with the development of their self-worth. To ensure that emotional turbulence does not affect the mental being in a child, YoMindz has designed ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ program to help manage the emotions of children, build healthy relationships and feel empathy with the unique blend of Social, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is beyond the standard education system.

New Code Emotional Intelligence pairs up with Social-Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to draw the tiniest details pertaining to thoughts, functioning of the mind, formation of different habits and patterns, the impact of suppressing or over-expressing emotions, social behaviorbehaviour, social skills along with its practical applicability.

Team YoMindz spares no effort in creating the ongoing social and emotional development in children so that they are made strong and stable emotionally to get along in life with others and turn into an Emo–WarriorsTM. YoMindz strives to create 1 million Emo–WarriorsTM by 2023. The Emo–WarriorsTM will be picturised to their own mind, thoughts, and emotions with experiential-based learning, which will further route to get an insight about their thoughts, mind and identify & label their emotions. 

Point of Difference that makes YoMindz and its ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ program stand apart from the crowd.

As India’s first platform, YoMindz leaves no stone unturned to enhance children’s learning and retention power by developing emotional, mental, and social skills.

– The technique is unique as it is the first-time neuro-linguistic programming introduced to the kids with identification and expression of emotions along with the social and emotional learning so that their progress is tracked and they stay motivated in the process.

– The program helps the children learn the skill of goal setting to develop grit and get what they deserve out of life.

– The core research in the subject has been conducted by the founders so that the kids lead productive, happy, and fulfilled life. The founders have forged ahead as their friend, teacher, and mentor, and their eternal emotions towards the kids make this platform stand apart from the crowd.

  • The program aims to regulate emotions in a child so that they develop maturity while reacting to any situations considering the positive and negative impact and help them develop Leadership Quality & Decision Making so that they keep their emotions and impulses in check before acting.

Academic skills are always prioritised; however, social-emotional skills in a child make them successful both socially and academically, together with IQ that is regarded as the primary determinant of growth being an essential aspect of a child’s development. YoMindz prioritises socio-emotional skills at this stage of their adolescent period to further enhance educational success, career success, and other key life outcomes to effectively be thoughtful in their actions.

It’s the responsibility of every parent to pay heed to a child’s psychological, psychosocial, and emotional skills, together with academic skills that can altogether contribute to the better future of a child. Indeed, Social-emotional well-being is the life skill that bridges any gap between a child’s mental and physical health.