With strict competition at escalation wherein large-scale production of graduates is happening every year in different streams of health care due to mushrooming of colleges, be it of quality or substandard education, along with fast paced life, cost of living and restricted job opportunities, following one’s passion has become difficult.

Adding to these woe’s, is the inappropriate utilization/wasting of time during training period in college, not focussing on reading, poor acquisition of knowledge and skills is likely to add tonnes of strain at later stage. Often, one realises this only when they start searching a job or joins a new job that was not their dream job.

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One such field that is filled with uncontrolled production, limited skills and job opportunities in India is field of pharmacy. Further, one such qualification is Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D), which is shown by industry to have great opportunities but, it is an illusory expectation says Dr Apoorva H.C , who herself had done Pharm D.

To make significant progress and gain recognition in one’s own field that is filled with competition, requires appropriate planning, dedication of oneself completely to the vision, risk taking capabilities, bucking the trend, and doing things differently and that is what Dr Apoorva H.C did in past 5 years. Today Dr Apoorva has emerged out uniquely as one of the first Diabetic Foot wound care pharmacist from India states Dr Amit Jain, Consultant and Head at Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot and Wound Care, Brindavan Areion Hospital, Bengaluru.

What is most important in one’s career is choosing a right mentor and centre for one’s growth and putting all your efforts in it says Dr Apoorva, who recently shared her inspiring journey of first diabetic foot wound care pharmacist in Asian Journal of Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical sciences.

The path to emerge out distinctly was not easy and Dr Apoorva had to cross numerous hurdles in the early phase of training as she was charting a new course that was never taught or attempted earlier, says her mentor Dr Amit Jain, who is the Founding Father of modern diabetic foot surgery system from India as per published literature.

“With 25 research publication at around the age of 25”, Dr Apoorva was conferred with the “Best Achievers of the Year 2022” along with her Chief Mentor Dr Amit Jain, for their work on modern diabetic foot surgery system, at IKGA that was held at Chennai last year.

With a distinct move in her career and hard work in early students’ life, Dr Apoorva exhibited her exceptional example that is going to inspire, motivate and encourage the budding Pharm D students to step out of the line to achieve great heights.