You would not want to miss out on this Wildlife Exhibit in Bangalore

If you’re all about art and photography then look no further. Tobuovimaan brings its 14th national exhibition based in Nazrul Tirtha, Kolkata, West Bengal to Bangalore. To know more details keep reading

Tobouvimaan is an art exhibition organizer that puts together events perfect for art and photography lovers, or a chill evening for you and your friends to hangout at or even a great venue to get chic instagram clicks.

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They have been hosting events all year and have hosted in many other places as well. In Delhi, Surat and a few others. They appreciate small creators giving them a huge platform to showcase their talent. They have a mammoth following of  23.3K on their instagram handle. They are dedicated to bringing unique artists and a passionate audience closer. The event is fun with great sights to see.

This time’s theme is on the campaign about saving wildlife keeping in theme with World Wildlife Day just right around the corner on March 3th. This event is so much more than just an exhibit it’s to stir a discussion toward the steps to conserving the beautiful wildlife that we are gifted with. This is rightly named a “Conversation about Conservation”.

To grace this event many dignitaries are making an appearance, Shilpa Maskara is noted to be there, she’s the director of Brustro, Creative hands and art materials known to be affordable, authentic and acclaimed, Sammy Barta Mullick, the founder of the famous instagram blog with the handle @ig_calcuttta a colorful account of the repository of Bengal and Bangladesh photos. Grace Marian, a wildlife photographer, Dr Swati Nandi Chakraborty an Environmental scientist will also be adding to the conversation. Another wildlife Photographer Tanmoy Das Karmakar, Navin Agarwal, Utsav Shaw, Madhurya mozumder and many more wildlife photographers are part of this important conversation.

With such a strong table of panelists an exhilarating event is on the way, but there’s more. The Founder and organizer  of Tobuovimaan, Sonkho Subhro asserted that this coming exhibition in March will have a caravan of creativity from nine states all over India. The participation for this event is through the roof for this one, you’ll get to see a cultural burst of art and photography. The participants are hyped for this event and excited to show you what they have to bring to the exhibit. One of the experienced photographers participating, Debarshi Mukherjee said, “We are very happy to participate in Tobuovimaan’s every exhibition all over India. It is one of my sources of motivation and happiness”

Clear your calendar from 14th to 16th of March to spend a lively day at this colorful event. Share this with your friends and come along. If this is something you might be interested in, it is not too late to participate, You can just direct message them on their Instagram handle and exect a prompt response on the steps to participate. Follow them on their instagram handle to hear more about their work and be updated on this 14th National Exhibition at