Young Indian Film Editor & Director of Abhishek Rotliwala

Abhishek Rotliwala was born on 20 march 1999 in Surat Gujrat His father’s name is Dharmesh Rotliwala and his mother’s name is Daxa Rotliwala who works as a housewife. Abhishek Rotliwala has been interested in filmmaking, Edit video, Shoot Video. Abhishek Rotliwala studied from P. H. Bachkaniwala Vidya Mandir School. Abhishek Rotliwala is a Film Editor and Director. Abhishek Rotliwala’s New Short Film Bhookh 2 got International Awards Mumbai Film Festival & England Film Festival and Hindi Film & Gujrati Film Edit.
Very few know that this multifaceted producer is not only a filmmaker but also a passionate professional photographer.
Abhishek Rotliwala Film Editor and Director, where a rank outsider comes to Mumbai, and over time, builds a name for himself. Four years in the industry and some hits later, the Film Editor is chasing one thing releases, people know your best dialogues cut, you feel satisfied. In the past decade, the one thing that has not changed about Abhishek Rotliwala is that he is never happy with his takes. He likes to know that he can do better. He has consciously worked towards that. But then again, no one knows how this business works.
Abhishek Rotliwala’s turning point came last year in the form of bhookh (2022). While the film’s success has taught him much, the Editor says that his long run in the movies has been his biggest teacher. “These 6 years have transformed him. He has learnt so much about how a film is made. He feels more empowered to give his point of view to his directors. We all have to buck up and deliver so much in the next two to three decades. Success cannot be judged in 6 years. If in 20 years, he is still here, and people remember my movie’s action magic cut, he will know he has made it. At the moment, he is nowhere close to being satisfied.
Abhishek Rotliwala added, “Photography and filmmaking are in sync with each other. Both capture images in the hopes of telling a story. I guess by turning into a filmmaker I have only changed the medium to express.”
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