Youngest tarot coach -Monika Sahu

Monika is from Raipur Chhattisgarh. She is a Defence student. She has completed her graduation in BSC maths and defence subject. Since her childhood Monika has been very interested in spirituality. She always used to take knowledge about it. She always loved helping and guiding people so she thought this should become her job so she came to this field.

She says – in other fields I get only money but in this field i am getting so many blessings and money both.

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When she was new in this field that time she didn’t know anything so in the beginning she didn’t get any good mentor for learning tarot so she wasted her money in Wrong place but after so many days she found the right mentor and finally she learnt this art of tarot reading. Maybe destiny decided this work for Monika. After that she learnt face reading, manifestation and many more.

Now she teaches tarot reading and face reading to so many people. And she helped and guided more than 1000 people at a very young age .Monika is a professional tarot card reader, tarot coach,manifestion coach and face reader .many elders people come to Monika for advice and she guided very wisely and helped others .