“Yuvaan Research and Educational Trust Offering Education Beyond Medical and Engineering”

The organisation works to develop a culture of research and learning beyond competitive exams… 

Dehradun is a hub for academics and scientific research. It has reputed schools that dates back to the 1850s. Promising research institutions are spread all over the city, which includes Forest Research Institute, Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Keshava Deva Malaviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration, Institute of Drilling Technology, Indian Institute of Petroleum, Wildlife Institute of India and Indian Military Academy. 

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The city is the counter magnet of the National Capital Region, being recently developed as an alternative to ease the migratory Himalayan population. It was declared as the capital of the newly established state of Uttarakhand in November 2000, and since then, its population has flooded quickly. With an excessive load of people, the idea of being an academic and research hub diluted with time. As the population grew, under the reputation of academics and research hub, new engineering colleges, bio-medical colleges, and schools suddenly came up, most of which failed to offer quality education, and thus standards were compromised. 

With time, the city became known for affordable education and easy admission to engineering and biomedical courses. In parallel to this, defence coaching captured Dehradun’s market and re-popularised Dehradun as India’s emerging defence hub. However, the idea of a “city of love and fun” caught much more traction. Twenty-four years old Abhinav Gaur, who was born and brought up in Dehradun with family rooting back in the city to time when Shri Guru Ram Rai Ji established Dehra in 1645, decided to turn pages from “city of love and fun” back to “academic and research hub of India”. He became socially active in 2015, worked in different capacities to make a difference in the city, and ran skill schools, training programs and awareness campaigns to the re-established city as a remarkable hub for quality school education and research. In August 2018, he founded Yuvaan Research and Educational Trust, which got recognised under the India Registration Act in 2021. Meanwhile, the organisation runs intending to lay a strong foundation of quality education among students. 

Under the organisation’s management, Abhinav Gaur manages an online learning platform named EduPorm Ed-tech that was launched in March 2021 to offer quality education to students during the second wave of the corona pandemic and an offline learning institution in the Mohkampur area of Dehradun city. The institution has well-qualified teaching faculty. Mr Himanshu Thapliyal, Miss. Manisha Bedi, Miss Pooja Negi and Mr Divyansh Panthari work tirelessly to offer education beyond engineering and medical entrance. 

The institute offers practical knowledge through a safe and resourceful laboratory, and it has its mobile application, a website and a popular YouTube channel. Within two years, Abhinav Gaur and the institution has made a good reputation in the Haridwar Road area with the best academic results and overall development of young minds. Abhinav Gaur said it is just a beginning. Soon practical certificate courses will be listed on our application for science, commerce and humanitarian studies. We are also planning our co-curriculum after school.

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