Say NO to unprofessional car cleaning and adopt Waterless Car Cleaning with Shine India

Shine India is an Eco-friendly Vehicle Cleaning at Doorstep with various Automotive Value-Added services and is a promising start-up by Vivek Bhalavat that caters to the unorganized and unprofessional daily auto washing market. Water conservation is a pressing issue, and Shine India is already helping to save thousands of liters of water per month. On a daily basis, they use Waterless cleaning technology in conjunction with a professional and confirmed workforce at the customer’s doorstep. No doubt every month, thousands of liters of water are saved by using waterless car cleaning. The auto cleaning programs start at Rs. 499 per month and are quite inexpensive.

It is unquestionable to say that clean India also helps in preserving the environment. Customers can get basic automobile servicing, detailing, and repairs at their doorstep in addition to car cleaning. This is a service that was in high demand in all housing complexes and businesses. They’re also assisting regular cleaners in upgrading their skills and bringing a professional, cost-effective approach to the overall auto washing sector. Shine India offers cutting-edge technology, openness, accountability, and professionalism at a low cost.

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According to the study, unorganized local cleaners account for 90% of the market, providing poor craftsmanship, being unprofessional, and creating a nuisance value by wasting over 750 liters of water per car per month without providing any value-added services at the doorstep. Additionally, there are no regionally influenced or selected doorstep car services or sales of doorstep vehicle accessories. Due to these challenges, Shine India developed a solution in which they give waterless cleaning by using a certified waterless liquid based on nanotechnology to pick up dirt on the car and using Microfiber cloths to shine and clean it. Shine India’s trained and hygienic cleaners visit your home or business for cleaning and other value-added services such as denting, cleaning, color, recurring services, oil work, and insurance renewal.

Who can be Benefitted from the services of Shine India?

  • 4 Wheelers at Residential complex and townships.
  • 2 Wheelers at Residential complex and townships
  • Institutional places like Corporates Offices, Commercials Building,
  • Campuses with over 15min waiting for time areas like Restaurants, Malls, Movie Halls, Shopping Areas, Salons, Gyms, etc.

In the words of the founder Vivek Bhalavat “This is the new India, where companies like Shine India are striving to be more than mediocre. They’re displacing or upskilling the present home vehicle washing market, which is dominated by obnoxious, inexperienced, and water-guzzling cleaners. It’s time to encourage our existing cleaners to either upgrade and adopt new car cleaning technologies or outsource the job to specialists. Customers must demand their right to decent service while also conserving the environment. This new India will have to rise above mediocrity and expect better services and better value for money. It’s past time for India to raise its quality standards in comparison to the rest of the world and move closer to professionalism”.

A waterless car wash at times might raise a few eyebrows but it is, without a doubt, a more environmentally beneficial and eco-friendly method to car cleaning, as well as an effective technique to keep the automobile in good form without wasting litres of water. Shine India combines this environmentally responsible technique with car washing with the ability to remove grime, grease, and tar stains without creating a single dent on the vehicle. Avail the best waterless Car Cleaning services from Shine India to maintain the car’s visual and functional aesthetics together with keeping the car looks its best.

Shine India is currently available in limited areas of Ahmedabad – Gujarat and will be expanding in different parts of India post March 2022. Residents of Ahmedabad can reach out or whatsapp at 968-SINDIA-9 or give a miss call at 9115-SINDIA to book their permanent daily vehicle wash needs.