A UK educated Indian Entrepreneur is ensuring that senior citizens can get NOCto install lifts in DDA apartments

Talk to The Young Social Entreprenuer- Himanshu Mann

Delhi the bustling capital of India has grown immensely over last 3-4 decades. Being the capital, the city has witnessed  major influx of citizens from various parts of India. Therefore there was an urgent need to develop housing infrastructure to cater to the huge influx of people,  which gave birth to the DDA (Delhi Development authority). The DDA, one of the top-notch 40 years old land development agency had built low rise buildings comprising of  group housing societies, flats, apartments, mostly without lifts & car parks.

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Around 30 years back, The citizens who were allotted these DDA flats and apartments were mostly young but now  most of them are retired senior citizens , especially those living on higher floors face major problems in climbing stairs.

As a result, they approached DDA seeking permission to install lifts in their apartments. Therefore, the Delhi Development Authority eased the norms for installing lifts in its apartment blocks (Roy,2011).

Now, DDA flat owners in denotified areas can approach municipal corporation for No objection certificate or permissions.

Mr. Jaiprakash, Former Mayor, NDMC said that, now with the permission of 50% of residents (excluding ground floor) using a common staircase, a NOC for lift installation in common area can be obtained. He further lauded efforts of Himanshu Mann, a MBA graduate from University of London, and founder of Wolf lifts.Who provides free consultations& services,(which includes the safety check, technical feasibility for the lift locations)to senior citizens for obtaining the lift NOC. Mr Himanshu further stated that generally ground people create nuisance and approach court  because they are not beneficiaries from the lift, but courts in multiple orders have ruled in favour of those installing lifts rather then those raising objections on frivolous grounds.

  Therefore if residents adhere to the guidelines of NOC there is not much trouble for the participating members of the block. South corporation officials clarified that now only an explicit stay from court can stall the construction of lift. Earlier the NOC became inoperative if someone approached court.

This has been a boon for those residing in apartments, Mr Sandeep Singh,  a resident of D7 vasantkunj said that Himanshu not only installed their lift but worked overtime on various aspects involved to obtain Lift NOC, he further said because of lift now his Old aged parents can stay with him in his top floor apartment.

Mr himanshu elaborated that he believes in giving back to the society and stressed that he aims to support more senior citizens in near future. He also stressed that vertical transportation industry has great prospects but lacks skilled labour in India.Resultingly, he aims to set up a elevator school in future and is currently is trying to train youth from weaker sections in his area, by providing them paid internships and hands on training on his live projects .

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