ACE Athlete/BodyBuilder Vipin Peter launches VOLTERIX, his own series of Fitness Equipments at IHFF Delhi.

IHFF (International Health & Fitness Festival) and Sheru Classic held an impeccably remarking event at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, where all the youth participated to showcase their immaculate physique and strength. This exhibition was attended by India’s favourite Body Builder and Fitness Entrepreneur, Mr Vipin Peter & Team Peter’s, where they launched their newest type of fitness equipment by the name of VOLTERIX. This amazing expo was an excellent platform for all the upcoming youth looking forward to their future in Fitness Industry. 

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This beautiful event featured the prominence of VOLTERIX Fitness Equipment with relevantly informative knowledge about how Biomechanics and Ergonomics can help in the making of perfect gym equipment proportionate to the physical attribute of an Individual.

Knowledge about the product quality with the technical analysis of VOLTERIX Fitness Equipment was given at length by team Peter’s. Maintaining a workout routine is challenging without the right gym equipment. The training methods and workout protocols that come with VOLTERIX Fitness Equipment helps to monitor your progress and keep you motivated towards achieving your fitness goals. So, make sure you pick the best fitness equipment of the Brand to gain health benefits and improve overall physical fitness. 

VOLTERIX has launched not only a series of fitness types of equipment but also the latest training methods exclusively for the athletes and gym owners, which would really help them achieve a step ahead in the field of health and fitness. 

Discussing his views on the field of health and fitness, Mr. Vipin Peter added that it is his dream to see every Indian fit and healthy & he wishes to see every trainer becoming an owner by setting up his own Gym. 

For this, Mr. Vipin Peter has taken the initiative of helping people by providing franchisee of his own chain of gyms, i.e., Peters Gyms, at a very cost-effective price where the management team helps set up the gym from scratch till it’s functioning.

The company has launched two franchise models as of now i.e 

FOFO:- Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated

FOCO:- Franchisee Owned Company Operated

In both the models, there are various monetising sub-models that help in achieving the break-even point of the franchise model in under half a year.

The Expo featured many events, including powerlifting, Muay- Thai, MMA Championship, and numerous fitness and supplements brands from all over India. This event was meant to cheer all those who participated, to remark it as a significant grandeur……

Hearty congratulations to those who stood by to make this event a huge success……Hope for many such upcoming events.

The next upcoming IHFF 2022 will be happening this October in Mumbai. The Mumbai shows have always been a great success, and we expect the upcoming ones to be more exciting, motivating, and huge! 

About VOLTERIX Fitness Equipments 

VOLTERIX Fitness Equipment has been serving for the past half a decade PAN India and has installed/service provided 100+ gyms all over India. Over a half-decade of work, research, and engineering achievements have led them to become the fastest reliable growing gym equipment manufacturer in India of Strength Training Equipment. Approved by numerous Gyms and Health Clubs in India. 

VOLTERIX designs 2D and 3D of their products with the help of Human Ergonomics and Biomechanics. Each & every product goes through various types of analysis to make sure the quality and aliments are correct and up to the mark. VOLTERIX also stresses the strength analysis to find its product sustainability. Then in the next phase, their product goes for research and development to get the final approval before manufacturing. By this, VOLTERIX assures their product and promotes optimum exercise effectiveness to prevent muscle injury, providing a range of motion and simplicity of usage. 

With the advanced equipment and manufacturing technology like CNC, VNC, laser cutting machine, bending machine, and the team, their product gets manufactured.

VOLTERIX not only sells the product but also takes care of AMC and on-call help to make sure their customers get assistance within 24 working hours. BioMech believes in mouth-to-mouth publicity, product reliability, and effective after-sales services. Instagram: