AHP Vitals: CEO Ankur’s Journey of Ups and Downs.

With the aim to provide affordable and premium quality health supplements, AHP Vitals was launched in the year 2020. The company’s sole purpose was to provide top-notch health food supplements, workout essentials and nutrient tablets.

Ankur holds a degree in MBA Marketing & Finance today has built an empire that is continuously growing and is primarily known for its quality and services. It was not an overnight journey that Ankur Gulati, CEO and Founder of AHP Vitals, underwent. It all started after completing his under graduation from Chandigarh University, and after that, Ankur worked as Home Loan Consular that paid 4,500 per month. Switching from one sector to other, he then worked as a Sales Executive with ICICI BANK and climbed up the ladder to the position of Branch Manager and left the job after five years to try something different. 

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With the passion and determination to start something different on his own, Ankur started his own business, co-founding it with a family member. To their expectations, the business was very well and saw a rapid growth in just a few days after its inception. The result was exceptionally well. After continuing and successfully running the business after four-five years, Ankur established his own independent wellness store in Mohali, Punjab. 

The store has successfully completed its five years and has become the most preferred wellness store. Due to various ailments and illnesses that caught Ankur, the store was shut, and for over a year, he didn’t get a job or didn’t have any source of income. He recalls those days and says, “There was no source of income, and I was suffering from heavy financial loses.” The stars were not in his favour, and his health deteriorated, suffering from financial losses and getting into debt. Ankur was into depression which was creating havoc, but he didn’t stop there.

After recovering from depression in 2020, he planned to re-start. With his determination and sheer dedication, Ankur built his own food supplement brand and launched it in the market. In just a few months, it became a huge success, and then tables flipped. COVID-19 made things hard for Ankur, but he stood firm and fought this time. Defying all the odds, he rebuilt it in April 2021, and since then, he has never looked back.

Today, AHP Vitals has become one of the most recommended and preferred health supplement brands. That delivers healthy supplements to your doorstep. Ankur says, “Now, AHP Vitals, the brand is successfully running pan India via offline and online channels.”

AHP Vitals has a variety of products that range from Chia Seeds, Creatine Monohydrate, Mass Gainer. Milk Thistle, Why Protein, Pre-Workout. The products offered by AHP Vitals are certified by FSSAI, ISO, HACCP, GMP and QMS. They have set a benchmark with their premium quality products and have achieved various milestones.

Ankur holds 17 Years’ experience in banking and Nutrition, food supplements and health food. With sheer dedication and determination, Ankur has built a brand of his own that has made its place in the hearts of people.

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