An introvert ready to take over the internet with her talk show “The Sonali Dutta show.”

After exiting her first startup as a co-founder, Sonali is ready to embark on a new journey as a host of The Sonali Dutta show. 

Let’s time travel to the past, an introverted girl in her teens, facing an identity crisis, does she know how to push herself to become a better version of herself? Let’s find out by asking future Sonali.

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Drowning in nostalgia, Sonali says, “I had been one of the quietest kids in the classroom and had never realised it in those days.” 

She was then ready to enter the new phase of life in college. She was adamant about making her personality develop and have better self-esteem. Unable to find a suitable mentor, she worked on herself while traversing various career aspects that intrigued her. She inevitably passed all the hardships until now and is ready to move on the treacherous path of life. Coming time will tell whether she will be able to cope up with the difficulties of life or not?

Several years later, this is what we know about her. She has established herself as a Speaker, Author & People Skills Coach. She has achieved a milestone by building a successful Personal brand, “Sonali -The Endless River.”

Over the last half-decade, she has worked with clients across various industries, from Corporates Brands to Creative Startups.  

After being featured on platforms like JOSH TALKS, High Traffic Summit, E-Summit, she was also invited as a Chief Guest to NIT and various Engineering & MBA colleges like ABBS, Christ University.

Last but not least, while making a new footprint in the world of books, she co-authored “Power Up Super Women,” a book on Women’s Empowerment alongside 14 other international authors from across the globe. She got an opportunity to be featured in the India and Asia Book of Records as an author. 

Talking about her journey so long, she said, “I read somewhere, ‘Be the Person you needed when you were young’ and so I worked for it. I want to convey the message that I’ve learnt in my life to be optimistic and to work towards a better life. To make this world a better place to live, one needs to be a better version of oneself.”

She has established herself as a Multi-Passionate Creative who feels life’s too short to follow your one dream. 

Now about the present, after exiting her first startup as a co-founder, she is ready to embark on a new journey as a host of The Sonali Dutta show.

Sonali’s story of transforming from the quietest kid in class to an impactful speaker has inspired many. Now she’s ready to bring more such stories into light with The Sonali Dutta Show. The Sonali Dutta show is a personality-based talk show that features people from different backgrounds to unravel more shades of their persona.

Watch her every week with new inspirational and entertaining stories through her quirky hosting, fun games, and more.

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