Are Tarot Cards really Evil?Tridha Arora ( Tarot Card Reader) unmasking common Tarot superstitions.

Only Psychics Can Read the Tarot

If the reader is a psychic, clairvoyant or
highly intuitive, it does enrich the tarot
reading. But anyone can learn the art of
reading the tarot cards. You don’t need any
special powers or talents to start
reading tarot. You don’t need to
come from a magical background.

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Getting Death card means I will die

Personally, it’s one of my favorite cards in the deck. It talks about inner transformation, a change for the better, and even rebirth. It doesn’t mean DEATH!It also doesn’t necessarily relate to something that’s going to happen, but might be calling your attention to something you’re holding onto or currently experiencing.

Tarot is evil

Seriously this one is hilarious out of all and very common one too. This is strange that people associate Tarot with dark work or black magic but rather Tarot cards are source of divination. Tarot
deck is simply a tool for someone to
use to tap deeper into their intuition. The Tarot itself doesn’t
hold power, it’s the reader who
does. Cards aren’t evil and they cannot attract evil spirits.

You cannot buy your own deck

Many people think you need to wait to be gifted a tarot deck, but picking out your first tarot deck can sometimes be even more helpful than being gifted a deck.The tarot deck that you choose will have its own special meanings, imagery, symbols, and symbolism. All of these are things that help you in creating a stronger connection with your cards and bring out the best use in each of them.

You cannot never let anyone touch your cards

If you don’t like other people touching your cards, that’s totally fine! But there’s no need to keep others from touching your cards out of fear that it will take away the deck’s magic or shift the cards’ energy irreversibly. Contrary to this, many Readers ask the querent to pick cards themselves to infuse their energy but YES! Cleaning of cards is always must.