Bangalore-Based E-commerce Platform A to Z Cart Receives Startup India Certification

EMI for Groceries: A to Z Cart Redefines E-commerce with Innovative Offerings

Headquartered in Bangalore, A to Z Cart, India’s leading e-commerce platform, has recently obtained certification from Startup India in June 2023. Originally established in October 2019 as an online grocery store, this online venture experienced significant growth, enabling it to diversify and broaden its range of offerings. A to Z Cart now offers a wide array of products, including groceries, vegetables, fruits, clothing, and apparel.

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With e-commerce making waves in the retail industry and gaining traction in India, A to Z Cart, established by Ajith Kumar Palani, Manasa Rajendra, Manu Kumar Rajendra, and Ravi Kumar Ramakrishna, has experienced remarkable growth. The company has swiftly expanded its offerings, continually adding new categories to its collection and even introducing the option for EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) for grocery purchases.

At present, the company offers a wide selection of more than 2000 products spanning over 80 diverse categories. These categories include groceries, vegetables, fruits, mobile phones and accessories, computers, laptops, books, home appliances, electronics, clothing, accessories, sports and fitness equipment, baby care items, games and toys, jewelry, footwear, and much more.

Utilizing popular social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the company effectively promotes its extensive product lineup. Operating on a business-to-consumer model, A to Z Cart grants users the freedom to choose from a wide variety of sellers and items, along with multiple payment options. As customers increasingly rely on online shopping for its convenience, the online retail sector holds promising prospects for future expansion, and A to Z Cart is well-positioned to leverage this favorable industry shift.

A key unique selling proposition (USP) of A to Z Cart lies in its competitive pricing and the introduction of EMI options for groceries, marking a significant milestone in the history of e-commerce. The platform is renowned for offering branded products at highly affordable prices. In addition to this, users can enjoy enticing perks and discounts, including convenient cash on delivery (COD) and a reliable refund policy, along with exceptional customer service.

With a wide array of product categories, ranging from everyday appliances to high-end beauty items, A to Z Cart provides a seamless and convenient shopping experience for its customers. The platform also ensures the availability of items that meet assured quality standards, guaranteeing enhanced safety and overall product quality through rigorous assessment and double-checking.

About the Founders

“Our focus was not on the market and income, but rather on building something significant that would be affordable for everyone,” stated Ajith Kumar, the founder of A to Z Cart. Both founders, Ajith Kumar Palani and Ravi Kumar Ramakrishna, graduated from Bangalore University in 2014 and gained valuable exposure to the retail sector during their tenure at a private NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company). As close friends, they discovered a shared passion for revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in India. This shared vision motivated them to leave their jobs at the NBFC in 2019 and embark on the creation of an e-commerce company tailored specifically to the needs of the Indian user base. Their aim was to provide Indians with an online store that was developed within the country, leading to the establishment of the renowned platform we now know as A to Z Cart.