Blockbuster Moviesss presents “Kanjoos Majnu Kharchili Laila” starring comedian and actor Rajiv Thakur and the talented Shehnaz Sehar

The Movie will be released on 13 January 2023

“The story is about a famous ‘Mudda’ of all desi households – a tale as old as time ”

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19th December 2022 Usher in new New Year and celebrate Lohri with this rib-tickling family comedy which also has a social message. Kanjoos Majnu, Kharchili Laila stars renowned comedian-actor Rajiv Thakur in the lead. 

The film is produced by Gurmeet Singh Arora and Bharathi Reddy and has been directed by Avtar Singh.

Everyone can relate to how challenging it is to keep your “Kharchili” wife happy and on a budget. Everyone needs some foolproof tips to make your Kharchili Laila happy without spending a fortune? Well! The answers are right here in the hysterical family comedy Kanjoos Majnu, Kharchili Laila releasing in theatres on January 13th.

A combination of three comedic elements, Kanjoos Majnu, Kharchili Laila guarantees the audience of laughter-induced stomach aches. Rajiv Thakur, the lead actor and the Majnu, is joined by his Laila played by the beautiful and talented Shehnaz Sehar as the lead actress.

In addition to its two main protagonists, the film also stars Nirmal Rishi, Brijendra Paul, Sudesh Sharma, Seema Kaushal, Aman Sidhu, and Anoop Sharma. The film’s unique and relateable title & poster give a clear indication of its plot, which will showcase a novel concept and a humorous, comedy tale in which each family mudda will stand in for the rising cost of living in the modern era as expenses increase.

Rajiv Thakur, the lead actor, is happy to share the poster and says that the plot of the movie “expresses all the feelings and helplessness a man feels controlling all his spending, but with a blend of comedy and pleasure. I find it to be a very special opportunity to act in this movie, and I hope the public will recognise and appreciate the complexity of the film.”

Producers of the film, Gurmeet Singh Arora and Bharathi Reddy, said, “The presence of such talented actors in the movie makes it even more exceptional. Rajiv Thakur and Shehnaaz Sehar will prove to make amazing pairs in the film with their contrasting personalities, resulting in the much-needed crisp vibe of the film. We have no doubt that the audience will like their chemistry together.”

Kanjoos Majnu, Kharchili Laila releasing in theatres on 13th Jan’23