Bring Trends and Tradition Together with Stylish Mangalsutras

Mangalsutra is something that does not require any introduction whatsoever. It truly symbolises rich Indian traditions and heritage and is something special for married women. A Mangalsutraessentially comprises a necklace consisting of a pendant, gold chain, and black beads. However, gone are the days when Mangalsutras sported antiquated designs.

Today, women can take their pick from several stylish and compelling options in the market. These are not only more contemporary but also lightweight, making them uber-comfortable for women at the same time. There are tons of classy yet minimalistic choices that you can look at in this regard. Find a vast collection of Mangalsutras online at great prices.

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A Little More About the Mangalsutra and Its Significance

Before discovering a Mangalsutrathat fits your needs, here’s a little more about its significance. It is perceived as auspicious and holy for married women in India. There are beliefs regarding how they safeguard the bonds of love and warmth between husbands and their wives. Those designs with black beads are believed to combat negative energies while ensuring good fortune and health for both partners.

Mangalsutra types that you can check out

There are several kinds of Mangalsutras available in more modern avatars today. Some of them include the following:

  • Shorter Designs: Mangalsutras are now lightweight, easier to wear, and not as cumbersome as yesteryear’s varieties. Shorter designs are hugely in style and only extend to the neckline. Usual chain lengths, in this case, are between 14 and 18 inches approximately. These more contemporary and chic styles suit young professionals since they complement most outfits.
  • Long Mangalsutras: Longer designs also occupy a dominant position in the market. These have lengths between 20 and 26 inches and come with beaded and black chain pendants in designs that one desires. They were once massively popular in earlier years and are still relevant today.
  • Bracelet Mangalsutras: These are truly innovative options that buyers can choose from today. These are not just convenient but also unique in their look and feel. Golden Mangalsutras- Nothing spells timeless better than pure gold. Younger brides are rediscovering their love for these Mangalsutras made of the best 14KT gold. These bracelets add a whole new dimension to your look, resplendently sparkling on your wrist on special occasions.

Some Mangalsutra Options for You

Here are a few top picks that you should definitely consider:

<strong>Bring Trends and Tradition Together with Stylish Mangalsutras</strong>

14kt Yellow Gold Everlasting Accord Mangalsutra: You will fall in love with this marvel that flaunts a diamond-embellished flower with black beads and an infinity knot. It goes well with most crepe or chiffon sarees as well.

<strong>Bring Trends and Tradition Together with Stylish Mangalsutras</strong>

14kt Yellow Gold Budding Heart Mangalsutra: This beauty has a gold heart enclosing a diamond-laced flower. There are also black beads and a classic infinity knot. It is light and sleek, standing out for its sheer elegance alone!

<strong>Bring Trends and Tradition Together with Stylish Mangalsutras</strong>

14kt Yellow Gold 14kt Gold Mangalsutra for Eternity: Just like the name signifies, this one indicates happiness for a lifetime, with its three hearts positioned on diamond halos, with the eye-catching heart anchor for company. It symbolizes bonds of love for a lifetime.

<strong>Bring Trends and Tradition Together with Stylish Mangalsutras</strong>

14kt Yellow Gold Two-As-One Mangalsutra: Admiring this Mangalsutra is quite natural, to say the least. It comprises a couple of gold chains interlaced wonderfully, one with black beads and the other with a diamond-filled flower. There is also the infinity knot on one side. It not only looks charming but is also easy to wear regularly.

Where to buy the best Mangalsutras?

If you seek the finest Mangalsutras listed above, you should not look further than Mia by Tanishq. This is your one-stop solution for the finest Mangalsutras and other jewellery options, including necklaces, rings, and much more. Here’s to a happy shopping experience ahead!