Calendar Events: When a teacher came up with the idea of getting people married in Bengali Style!

Meet Bitan Mukherjee, the founder of “CALENDAR Events,” the pioneer of Bengali Theme Decoration in India.

CALENDAR Events is one of its kind, dealing with weddings and event management which derives its roots from the historic land of West Bengal.

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CALENDAR Events began its journey in 2017. It all started when Bitan was unaware of how business or marketing or anything related to it happens. She was helping her friend, and that was when she thought she could take up this opportunity to inculcate Bengali tradition in weddings and make the best out of it.

In 2018, Bitan officially got her company registered, and then, there was no turning back. Initially, it was not all hunky-dory, but as the time evolved and the business grew, CALENDAR events received more and more. The demand for Bengali Theme Decoration grew, as people realised that customs and heritage can be presented with a blend of modernisation and contemporary style as a result of which CALENDAR Events has now completed 200 weddings, 50 engagements, 45 birthday parties, 20 rice ceremonies, 20 anniversaries and thread ceremonies. Most of these events and functions had something ubiquitous— these all were based on Bengali Theme Decoration. 

CALENDAR events have more than 500 satisfied customers, which is enormous. One of our happy clients say,

Calendar Events beautifully did our engagement decor. The decoration was exactly what we wanted. Bitan did excellent work. She’s very courteous. Thank You so much, Calendar events.”

The other client mentioned

“Fantastic professionalism with a pinch of love and affection. Held by ‘superamma’ supremo Bitan. With all care and fulfilled capricious demands, always with a smile. Way to more success and best wishes.”

CALENDAR Events aims to provide budget-friendly, accessible, innovative, and traditional designs to their clients at a very affordable price. Their packages start at 40,000 INR, which can go up to as high as five lacs to six lacs, solely depending on an individual’s budget. When Bitan was asked about her business, she says, “CALENDAR Events is breaking the myth that wedding planning is expensive and it is limited only to the cream people in our society but now we aim to change this narration.” 

As the tagline of the company says, “Madhabitya Budget e Ucchobitya Biye,” making weddings possible for middle-class families as well CALENDAR Events is the one-one-only event company in India that uses Bengali Traditional items as a prop: Haat Pakha, Kulo, Topor, Gachkouto, Matir, Alpona. The first wedding organised and planned by Calendar Events was with the theme, Amar Sonar Bangla, which included all the minor and significant items used in a Bengali household. The usage of these allowed people to realise how innovatively basic things can be used to design and decorate. Credit goes to Bitan Mukherjee and her great sense of creativity. 

The idea of Bengali Theme based decoration is now being extensively used, which is a good sign as people are getting aware of how rich and well-fed Bengali heritage is. When one talks about Bengali Theme decoration, the first and obvious question is what and how it is different from conventional weddings? In Bitan’s words shows Bengal with fundamental items mixing it with modern designs. It includes; Topor entrance, Kulo & marigold backdrop, Gachkouto wedding mandap, Dhoti backdrop, Decoration with gamcha. Red colour, which is considered auspicious, is also used, traditional Bengali red-bordered white saree as an element, Haatpakha topor backdrop, Decoration with Bengali alphabets, and incorporation of Baul songs in the wedding theme. Usage of palki, mud walls, alpana, straw, and other props that are useful in signifying the purest form of Bengal tradition.

“In the era of Juhi and Rajanigandha, I used marigold,” says Bitan. Everyone laughed at her for using marigolds which were not so popular then, but she defied all odds went on and proved to be a successful event manager. Bitan and her team, which comprise three to four other female members. When Bitan was asked about her team, she confidently replied, “All the team members here at CALENDAR Events are those who are challenged by the society in one way or the other.” CALENDAR Events is a profit-making enterprise and guides the youth about things, and Bitan believes they can prosper in life. 

The future or expansion of CALENDAR Events is also on Bengali traditional items such as Mongol Ghat, Sankha, Lokkhi Bhar, and Sankha Pola for their upcoming events.  CALENDAR Events aims to touch every stratum of society, provide traditional yet modern services at a pocket-friendly budget, and continue to break the myth of “middle class cannot afford wedding planners.”