CITTAA- Bringing A Revolution In Mental Well Being, By Providing Phenomenal Services Using Cutting Edge Tech & Passion

Cittaa is a Sanskrit term that means “consciousness.” We strive for three things in Cittaa: mental health, physical health, and spreading positivity. We not only focus on helping those with mental health issues, but also ensure that everyone is mentally and physically healthy.

We’ll connect you with Mental Health Professionals, like Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Counselors from all around the world to aid those with mental health issues. When it comes to physical health, we connect our clients with physical trainers and dietitians to assist them live a healthy lifestyle. Apart from treating only those approaching us, we also work towards raising public awareness on mental health and highlight its importance.

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We will ensure the seamless operation of our aforementioned services, led by our Directors:

  • Sairam Peddigari-CEO
  • Deepthi Balasubramanian-COO
  • Arshiya Tarannum-CMO
  • Yochana V-CAO
  • Pratya Chandrayan-CPO,

via an app created with cutting-edge technology and featuring a variety of integrated features that will provide our users with a soulful experience.

Some features of Cittaa:

  1. Mental Health: sessions held by psychologists with specialization in various types of therapies like Dance, Music, Art, Light, yoga, etc.
  2. Physical health: • Dietitians Physical Trainers
  3. Spiritual Leadership: • Motivational Quotes and videos • Short Films • Webinar Sessions (They will be conducted in both app as well as the website)

Other Features include:

  • Food Court
  • Friendly Robot, to tell your feelings to when needed (additional information will be given soon)
  • Daily schedule (Tailored exclusively for you)
  • Daily diet plans
  • Pharmacy
  • Helpline (In case of any emergency the patient will be connected directly to theavailable doctor).
  • We have an option of having a VR consultation too (optional).

So how do we work on the ground?

When a person contacts us and they are not sure whom to consult, they will be referred to a mentor who will examine their condition over the phone or via chat and then direct them to a specific health practitioner.

There will also be a friendly bot that will look after the consumer according to the doctor’s directions. For example, if ‘X’ person comes to us with anxiety, our bot will ask the doctor if the person needs strict, medium, or lenient monitoring, and if the doctor says the person needs strict monitoring, the bot will prepare a daily plan for the patient and will ask for a picture every time they have to eat a particular food, do a particular exercise, or sleep, and so on… and this is how we will be monitored. We are hopeful that this procedure will yield positive outcomes.

Cittaa_thepowerofmind is an app that focuses on the complete development of an individual using a very unique approach by working on the technical part and involving Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, and CEAB (Cittaa’s Emotional Friendly Bot).

Coming to collaborations, we have actively collaborated with the VIT anchoring club, Voice it, Time Box, and etc.

For webinars, we collaborated with Hues Of Mind, and Dork Lab for technology.

This is how Cittaa wants to develop its product in the market and bring in a good change in our society and serve as many people as we can.

We would like to present to you our team:

Content Writing Team-

Naveen Shankar Choudhury, Sai Shreyas. R, Rohan, Dishank J, Garima.S, Aishwarya.A , Kruthika. P, Deepthi. B

Content Designing Team-

Jahnavi. L, Yochana. V, Arshiya. T, Shri Harini. A

Video Editing Team-

Gautham. K, Sairam. P

Details regarding the launch,  webinars, pricing, and additional information will be shared soon. For more interesting and informative content, visit our website:  and follow us on