Design your life from Dr KomalPreet Kaur, the mentor behind IPAC.

IPAC is the Institute of Psychometric Assessment and Counselling founded by Dr KomalPreet Kaur in the year 2015 with the mission of providing dynamic, vibrant, and quality based humble services pertaining to the assessment of various psychological attributes in individuals and preparing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude required to excel in each interest field. 

Dr KomalPreet Kaur is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Mind Designer, Reiki Grandmaster and NLP coach with rich experience of 17 years in conducting psychometric assessment, counselling, and intervention programmes along with conducting pieces of training, seminars and workshops for schools, Institutes and Corporates. Being an expert in the field of energy healing and wellness programmes, Dr Kaur acts as a catalyst for a positive approach in individuals. With an urge to heal people on the mental, physical, and spiritual level, Dr Kaur has developed the greater good of the collective with a deep-rooted faith in Divinity that helps her in recognising the uniqueness and infinite potential in every individual. Her positivity, optimistic attitude and authenticity makes her stand apart from the noise.

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The team at IPAC consists of highly skilled, motivated, and experienced professionals that aim to analyse the three aspects – personality, intelligence, and aptitude by providing valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses in an individual for their seamless transformation. With the facilitation of mind designing, the team at IPAC helps people grow so that their inner goodness shines on and helps to take them to a level of greater heights in life. With the vision of building a diverse, empowered, and energetic community and creating peace in the world, IPAC strives to work towards a healthier nation emotionally, physically, and spiritually by being the designer of mind. They help to drive their potential and empower them to rise above ordinary.

Needless to mention, mental health affects the way we think, feel and act. Being a vital part of life, emotional and mental health impacts the thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. So, Dr KomalPreet Kaur shares the importance of mental stability in every stage of life. She says, “Just the way you design your cloth with right fabric and colour combination to enhance your appearance or the way you design your home to improve the aesthetic appeal and make it more lively and pleasant, similarly designing your mind is pivotal to elevate your perspective so that you become mentally strong to deal with any kind of stressful environment in today’s life.”

Redesign your mind with the plethora of services of IPAC that includes Psychometric Assessment, Counselling, and Therapies along with the various programmes and workshops on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Mastering Success, Teacher Effectiveness Program, Psychotherapies, Divine Memory Miracles, Career Development Programme, Positive Parenting, Handwriting Analysis, and many other mind designing workshops.

At the age of 19 years, Dr Kaur had realised the purpose of her life that prompted her towards helping every person by bringing them out from their life of distress. It goes without saying, one in six people suffer from mental anxiety and depression at some point in their life and it is at that time when Dr Kaur decided to pursue psychology so that she could help people develop resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow them into well rounded and mentally strong individuals. She developed her skills in psychology by pursuing a graduate, post-graduate, and doctorate degree in Psychology along with various courses on mental health. She began her career as a counsellor and as an assistant professor of psychology at Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for 7.5 years where she worked for the welfare of the students. Soon, she felt her reach was just limited and then she decided to coin her own Institute IPAC where she could help lakhs of people through various platforms.

Her exceptional trait of resilience, compassion, creativity, understanding, empathy, honesty, truth, and belief made her come out on top and she feels accomplished with her contribution towards making people reach their goals.

Claim to Fame – Dr KomalPreet Kaur

  • First Person in India to take Reiki to the Doctorate level and honoured with Reiki Ratan Award by USA Chapter of Reiki Healing Foundation
  • Honoured with Indian Healthcare Excellence Award in 2019
  • Received Ambassador for Peace Award by Universal Peace Foundation
  • Received Appreciation Award by Satguru Uday Singh on 200th Prakash Shatabdi Samaroh of Shri Satguru Ram Singh Ji
  • Received various other Appreciation Awards from various organisations.


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You can explore Dr KomalPreet’s journey on her official YouTube Channel IPAC Dr KomalPreet Kaur

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