Discover the brands LUXE Magazine and House of Medusa built by sibling Entrepreneurs

With a profound understanding of fashion and lifestyle, the brother-sister duo Biplab (Rudra) and Rimpi Deka launched LUXE Magazine and House of Medusa with a collaborative fashion production house that has taken luxury and style by storm. Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression that represents one’s beliefs and identity and this inspiration stemmed from the lives of those who are a source of inspiration for others. By going beyond the realm of couture and embracing acomprehensive luxury lifestyle experience to redefine luxury fashion by seamlessly blending innovation with timeless elegance, LUXE Magazine and House of Medusa came into existence.

In the words of the founders “We have introduced HOUSE OF MEDUSA and LUXE Magazine House & Studio under our Parent company Inked Streets Ventures Private Limited. Initially, the company was headed by our late father, Paresh Chandra Deka, who served as the Chairman of the Board. During his tenure, Inked Streets experienced significant growth and expanded its operations across North-East India. The company introduced innovative concepts such as The Arthouse Project, a digital gallery and auction service for artists and illustrators, as well as The Radio Project, an in-house podcast studio. Followed by our father’s demise our mother Mrs. Gita Deka, assumed leadership as the Chairman of the Board in December 2022. Under her visionary guidance, Inked Streets transformed into a full-fledged parent and holding company for multiple ventures.”

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Inked Streets Ventures Private Limited acquired two brands that significantly impacted the company’s trajectory. The first brand is HOUSE OF MEDUSA, which revolutionized the fashion industry’s perception in North-East India. The second brand is LUXE Magazine House & Studio, which further enhanced the company’s influence in the fashion and business industry. Under the executive control of the founders, Biplab (Rudra) and Rimpi Deka, these brands have gained authority in the fashion and business industry, creating waves throughout the country.

From a very young age, the siblings Biplab (Rudra) and Rimpi Deka always wanted to have their own businesses and create a community that allows people to experiment with style and fashion. With a vision to influence the world of fashion business and fashion design Biplab (Rudra) and Rimpi Deka played a crucial role in the evolution of the fashion Magazine LUXE. The best about LUXE Magazine, together with covering fashion it also covers opulent travel destinations to fine dining, from exquisite timepieces to rare automobiles, the magazine offers readers a glimpse into the glamorous world that surrounds high fashion. LUXE Magazine encapsulates the idea that fashion is not just about clothing—it is an embodiment of a luxurious way of life. It is executing across all consumer touch points that include their magazine, photographers, models, fashion designers, and celebrities that make up the cover of each month’s edition.

Under the leadership of Biplab (Rudra) and Rimpi Deka, House of Medusa has become a visionary clothing brand by making a difference in the fashion Industry and leading it with its unique mindset. The introduction of exotic prints, luxurious outfits, glamorous colors, and ever-evolving patterns has helped those seeking newness in their personality to explore different styles. Each garment is meticulously crafted by highly skilled artisans, who bring to life the visionary designs conceived by the house’s principal designer & creative director. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultures, historical eras, and natural beauty, this fashion house embraces a fusion of tradition and innovation.