Dream Team Foundation observes its 7th foundation day 

On June 19, the Dream Team Foundation observed their seventh Foundation Day. The celebrations began with the induction of a few advisers. Dr. Subhankar Mahapatra, the commissioner of the Rourkela Municipal Corporation and the ADM of Rourkela, graced the occasion alongside Prashant Dalei and assisted the advisors and a few others.

The following advisors were appointed: Dr. U.C.Jena, CA. B. D. Shivaray, Dr. Bishwajeet Mahapatra, Er. Anindita Mahapatra, Er. Santokh Singh, Er. Abakash Mallick, Mr. Subha Pattanaik, Cricketer Jaffer Iqbal, Mr. Sanjay Bansal and Dr. Sudip Ghosh, in addition to a few other medical professionals and hotel owners who regularly give them leftover food. Project Purnanjali is being worked on by the Dream Team Foundation and Rourkela Municipal Corporation.

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Dream Team Foundation has worked tirelessly since its establishment to improve people’s lives and end hunger and malnutrition by donating leftover food to those in need in slums and orphanages. With a notable attempt to aid the less fortunate, Dream Team Foundation DTF collects extra food from various social events including weddings, thread ceremonies, Shraddha, birthdays, and pujas and instantly distributes it in and around various slums and orphanages in Rourkela. It goes without saying that an empty stomach is a significant barrier to better nutrition and the development of resilience.

Dream Team Foundation came into existence with an aim to ensure that the excess food is collected and distributed to the underprivileged so that nobody sleeps empty stomach. Where one part of India is fighting to eradicate malnutrition and hunger while a large quantity of food is often observed going down the drain after any social function. To make the world ‘Hunger free’ so that all people live with dignity and security, the team at Dream Team Foundation recovers surplus food from weddings, parties, and functions and feeds the hungry.  

Dream Team Foundation was incepted by the eminent personality and philanthropist Dr. Padmini Panigrahi, trustee and Patron of Dream Team Foundation together with other founding members Chairperson Mr Amiya Das, Santosh soy, Panchanan Jena, Mahendra Mohanty, Aditya Behera, Bikash Banerjee, Dabendra Saraf, SudiptaBehera,Minati Barik, Lizina Nayak, Ajay Pradhan, Himanshu Samal and CA Pawan Agarwal.

A personality with several facets Famous classical dancer, singer, businesswoman, and empowered woman, Dr. Padmini Panigrihi is all of these things. She has collaborated with several organisations that support people going through difficult times in their lives. To prevent concerns that are affecting women’s growth and development generally, Dr. Padmini promoted awareness and addressed a variety of them. Dr. Padmini has a natural talent for dancing and has been practising since she was six years old. She is an ardent learner who has improved her dancing and singing abilities by constant learning and has won multiple awards for her classical dance and singing.

Indeed, in a world of abundant wealth and resources where enough food is produced to feed everyone on the planet and it is a true fact that even hundreds of millions of people still suffer from hunger. As per the report says, 795 million hungry people exist in the world today where every year around 3.1 million children under the age of 5 die due to poor nutrition globally. Malnutrition is the factor that causes stunted growth in children and affects their cognitive development. Dream Team Foundation came into the picture with constant innovations and continuous support of its members to provide food security and improved nutrition for the needy in the nearby areas of Rourkela. Dream Team Foundation aims to eradicate hunger and feed millions of people by 2025.