Dustbin Review: An excellent subject powered by a strong screenplay and potent acting

Star Cast: Mintu Kapa, Saniya Pannu, Dilnoor Kaur, Mehraj Singh, Sandhya Sharma, Sanju Solanki, Bunty Dhillon, Basant Lahoriya
Associate Director: Varun Mehra, Chief Assistant Director: Fateh

‘Dustbin’ is the most recently released Chaupal Original movie that is yet another trendsetter in Punjabi cinema after ‘Panchhi’ and ‘Please Kill Me’ films. It is based on an excellent subject which is quite common in the lives of married couples- suspicion. The story is simple, but its strong screenplay makes it powerful.
‘Dustbin’ is the story of a complete family man who loves his wife dearly. However, after finding a packet of condoms in the dustbin, he starts suspecting her wife of infidelity. The outstanding performance of the lead actors, Mintu Kapa and Saniya Pannu, speaks volumes about their talent and acting skills. Kapa, who plays Mr. Sharma, brilliantly brings out all the emotions and insecurities of a husband who feels cheated by his wife. The intensity of his character builds a certain tension in viewers as he decides to kill those who have wronged him, which is his wife and her boyfriend. The entire conflict however is resolved in the end when he realizes it is his own mind that is playing with him, thus giving viewers a sense of satisfaction and justice.
The movie is a must-watch for married folks who become a victim of suspicion at times and take drastic steps which destroy their happily married lives. It’s a great story that mirrors the insecurities of the human mind and how it has the tendency to ruins people’s lives. ‘Dustbin’ is not just a movie but a lesson that reminds viewers not to let the mind take control over them and to give importance to conversation and confrontation for the success of any relationship.

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