‘Finest Real Estate Consultancy’: The Aura Global Award’s Take On 121 Connect

121 Connect Real Estate Agency was recently awarded as the ‘Finest Real Estate Consultancy’ of Dehradun by Jacqueline Fernandez. The Aura Global Award that took place in Taj Vivanta Dwarka, located in New Delhi was the first of its series. This event was organized by Aura Productions. It was managed by 57th Milestone Productions. Bat Bricks 7 were the sponsors for this event.

Emerging as one of the top real estate agencies in Dehradun, 121 Connect Real Estate Agency was established by Ankur Sharma, its founder. It has been functional since 2022. They offer real estate broking services in tangible assets for all kinds of customers who require properties such as (inclusive of and not limited to) Residential Homes and Villas, Commercial properties, Rental homes and commercial spaces, plots and lands. 

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Their motto is, “You Think and We Provide.” The essence of their firm is in their name itself. They aim to create a connection in the numerous segments of the real estate field with common people who are looking for the best of opportunities in Dehradun. They highly value all kinds of customers and their attitude and approach towards the customers has allowed them to be labelled as the best in the ceremony. 

The Aura Global Award ceremony was a huge success. It brought in several entrepreneurs from various sectors, be it a small or a large enterprise. The chief guests for this ceremony were Jacqueline Fernandez and Zoya Afroz, who awarded the recipients with their awards.