From Reporting to Recognition: Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ Graced with Honorary Doctorate

Sunil Kumar Verma, widely known as ‘Sonu,’ has embarked on a new chapter in his remarkable journey as a journalist, receiving an esteemed honorary doctorate from Mother Teresa University. This accolade not only acknowledges his exceptional contributions to journalism but also celebrates his role in driving positive social change.

*A Passionate Journey in Journalism*

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Sunil Kumar Verma’s journey in the world of journalism began with a fervent desire to inform, inspire, and bring about positive change. Hailing from Sarfaraz Ganj Marhmat Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, Sonu’s early years were characterized by an innate curiosity and a commitment to truth.

*Reporting with Impact*

As his passion for journalism deepened, Sonu ventured into the field with a bold and innovative approach. He initiated a dawn-delivered news publication, ensuring that timely and accurate news reached households at the break of day. His commitment to reporting the truth garnered recognition and propelled him to prominent roles within the media industry.

In 2018, Sunil Kumar Verma took on the mantle of Editor-in-Chief at India24x7 Live TV. Under his leadership, the channel evolved into a reputable news source known for unbiased reporting and its dedication to addressing societal issues.

*Champion of Social Change*

Throughout his 12-year journey, Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ has advocated for social justice through his impactful reporting. His stories have illuminated issues of inequality, human rights violations, and the struggles faced by marginalized communities. His dedication to honest reporting has led to meaningful policy changes and greater societal awareness.

*A Moment of Distinction*

The honorary doctorate conferred upon Sonu by Mother Teresa University is a testament to his unwavering commitment to ethical journalism and his significant impact on society. Dr. Vijayanand Saraswati, Vice-Chancellor of Mother Teresa University, praised Sonu’s dedication to reporting the truth and inspiring positive change through his work.

*A Vision for Tomorrow*

Upon receiving this prestigious recognition, Sonu expressed his gratitude and shared his vision for the future. “This honorary doctorate is not just a personal achievement; it’s a commitment to continue using my platform to create meaningful impact. I remain dedicated to upholding the values of truth and integrity in all my endeavors,” he stated.

*A Symbol of Integrity and Transformation*

Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ stands as a symbol of journalistic integrity and transformation. His contributions have extended beyond media, as he actively engages with nonprofit organizations, advocating for education, healthcare, and community development. His legacy reflects a commitment to uplifting society through the power of information and positive change.

The honorary doctorate bestowed upon Sunil Kumar Verma ‘Sonu’ by Mother Teresa University signifies his journey from reporting to recognition, a journey that inspires fellow journalists, advocates, and individuals to strive for excellence in the pursuit of a better society.