GIOCONDA VESSICHELLI opens up about her real Love

When I came to India I understood that LOVE exists In this world cause India has become my mother. after I did the deep in Ganga River I actually felt that Ganga and Indian soil were loving me and blessing me so I started loving India more than everything cause it s a very spiritual Europe everyone is so materialistic instead!
Even In Bombay actually,specially when I came for the first time I met so many fake people who wanted to make traps just because I am a foreigner..and many times I was on the point of leaving India forever but then when I was in Khumbmela again,I met so many sadhus ,I did one more bath in Ganga River..again the magic power of India attracted me back in its arms..I think once someone meets India cannot go back to its country cause India is a land of love..I already wrote in my will that when I ll die I want my ashes to be put in Ganga River cause from Ganga my spiritual rebirth started and the cycle of my life too will end there. BHARAT MERA DILL SE HAIN …I love you all beautiful Indian people!!
I still remember when I was in Europe and I was missing the beautiful Indian vibrations I was going near the Indian Embassy in Rome just to see lots of Indian people queuing together and just to feel their vibrations used to make my day!!in that way I was able to go back home with my heart full of joy🥰cause my name in Italian language means “JOYFUL”❤️

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