How is Simpli English on a Mission to Make Every Child Fluent & Confident in English?

Communication is a vital part of our social life. Today, verbal and written talks happen mostly in English across countries. Moreover, the language helps to connect with people living abroad. However, learning English begins from an early age, i.e., childhood. Language is significant for kids for reasons other than those mentioned above.

Why is English Important for Kids?

Today, children in India are taught in schools in either Hindi or English language. They also receive the books in their preferred language. However, most international schools in India first assess a child’s verbal and written language skills in English before enrolling them in a class.

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Therefore, learning English no longer suffices. Children must become fluent in the language to get admission into a school that offers a higher chance of growth, opportunities, and cross-cultural bonding.

Moreover, if parents plan to move abroad for career growth, the child would know a method to communicate with other children and adults. Besides, language enables kids to understand factors like sympathy and empathy much more easily than any other language.

Furthermore, children get knowledge about new customs and values of our society. English also provides a competitive edge to children and has become as important as Mathematics, Science, or any other subject in a school. Therefore, children face a lot of pressure to learn the language faster.

How is Simpli English Providing classes of spoken english for kids?

1. Offers Classes with a Personal Trainer

Learning in a classroom with competition from peers hampers a child’s morale. Some might not even clear their doubts because they think their peers will mock them. As a result, the classroom-based approach never helps kids to achieve the best results and become fluent in the language. Moreover, their bad language skills eventually hamper their understanding of other subjects and career growth after completing school.

Simpli English helps to resolve such problems by offering personalized sessions with experts during their course. The one-to-one communication between a child and a personal trainer makes learning the language much easier and faster. Moreover, as the kid becomes more confident, the interest in the language increases and the fear of clearing doubts gets removed. As a result, the repercussions of language get resolved from an early age.

2. Learning from Home

Children can feel secure learning the language from their homes and no longer need to travel to the center to take a class. It saves the time and money of parents that would have been otherwise spent on traveling to and fro from the institution.

Moreover, a kid attending the class doesn’t feel tired due to traveling and can give full attention to the lesson taught during the session. As a result, the attentiveness of the child increases. Furthermore, the tutors of Simpli English are well versed in more than one language, which makes it easier to understand the language of the child and even helps to translate.


Learning English has become crucial for kids because it will help boost their career growth, get them admission into international schools, and help them communicate with their people living abroad. Simpli English helps children to become fluent in the language through classes provided by expert trainers from India.