HR TO CEO Workshop – Empowering CXOs and HR Heads with Employee Happiness Strategies

Mumbai, August 26, 2023 – The much-anticipated HR to CEO Workshop, Mumbai edition, was successfully conducted on August 26th, 2023. The event, aimed at exploring the crucial link between employee engagement, happiness, and organizational success, witnessed an impressive turnout of over 50 delegates. Among the attendees were distinguished CHROs, CFOs, and visionary entrepreneurs. Despite being a distinguished bunch, they still seemed excited about the insights that Susheel had proposed to offer via the workshop.

The event was organized under the Office Anand foundation by Mr. Susheel Agarwal. Office Anand is a not for profit foundation with the goal of making workplaces happier. Susheel is the founder and acting CEO of Ethika Insurance Brokers.

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Over the last eight years of building Ethika from scratch, and bootstrapping his way at that, Susheel has had to rely heavily on innovation. His unique ability to always keep the Customers first has helped him listen to their grievances and in turn mould Ethika to deliver exceptional services, every single time.

Over this period he has also had the opportunity to work closely with HR folk, understand issues that plague them and help them with appropriate solutions. And this remains the fulcrum of the workshop.

The HR to CEO Workshop – Mumbai Edition facilitated exploration across issues ranging from leadership, employee happiness, and organizational success. Delegates delved into practical methodologies to enhance workplace well-being, foster engagement, and drive productivity. The event’s duration allowed for comprehensive insights and the opportunity to examine real-world case studies and best practices.

Susheel’s keynote address centered on the pivotal role of happiness in driving productivity at workforce. He stressed that in today’s dynamic work culture, individuals seek not just professional growth, but also mental stability and happiness to thrive. Sharing his experiences, Susheel revealed how cultivating a culture of happiness within Ethika has led to heightened employee satisfaction, reduced turnover rates, and increased overall organizational success.

Throughout the workshop, attendees engaged in interactive sessions, interactive discussions, and networking opportunities, sharing their own experiences and challenges in the realm of employee engagement and happiness. The event fostered an atmosphere of collaborative learning, where delegates exchanged ideas, strategies, and best practices that could be applied to their respective organizations.

Susheel said, “The success of the HR to CEO Workshop at Mumbai, goes on to demonstrate how critical issues like employee engagement & happiness have become. The financial capital of the country realises this and the role these factors play in business growth.” In an environment where organizations are rapidly evolving, events like these allow leaders to exchange ideas which in turn helps them adapt and innovate in real time.

Susheel is a renowned happiness activist and the founder of Ethika Insurance Broking, a leading insure tech brokerage company in India. With a passion for promoting employee engagement and happiness, Susheel has successfully steered his organization to become a symbol of innovative leadership and a positive workplace culture.

Throughout the 9-hour workshop, attendees engaged in knowledge-sharing via interactive discussions. The ability to network with like minded leader was the icing on the cake.

The HR to CEO Workshop, has been emerging as a platform where industry veterans engage in meaningful dialogue and knowledge-sharing. Attendees, ranging from seasoned CHROs to accomplished CFOs and visionary entrepreneurs, found themselves deeply connected to the workshop’s core ethos of employee-centric leadership.

The appreciation expressed by the attendees is a reflection of workshop’s relevance and impact. Susheel aspires to take the workshop national and with the kind of traction he seems to be getting, we are sure he will.