India at the Dubai’s Gulf Business Carnival

Who does not know about Dubai today, the glory that they have today is because of the crude oil they have, the thing that comes out of the ground will end someday and the big traders and kings of the gulf country know about their such future and they don’t have the option and model to do agriculture, so now these businessmen want to see what other countries can offer them.

That’s why more than 100 big businessmen of the Gulf had planned the Gulf Business Carnival (GBC) 2022 in Dubai. In this carnival, projects and proposals from more than 50 countries like Asia, Africa, USA, will be liked by seeing.

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 It is a matter of happiness and good fortune that our country India is also included in those 50 countries.  Shram Siddhi’s Group has been selected to present India in this carnival, a 26 year old young businessman from Wankaner, Gujarat has been selected to present India in this carnival. The name of that businessman is Hardik Singh Jadeja. After all, why was a 26-year-old man chosen to go to this carnival?

Let us tell you something about Hardik Singh Jadeja for information.

 Hardik is known for his calm nature, patience and giving the best presentation in short words. When the Dubai Carnival exporters along with the Shram Siddhi team spoke to more than 200 companies in India then his impressive talk got India a place in the Gulf Business Hardik and the Sharam Siddhi team India is feeling proud today because of this.

 When Exporters spoke to the team of Shram Siddhi, it was mentioned that the project is of 1500 pages which would have to be completed by Hardik Singh, the representative of India in just 45 minutes, this presentation made India a different identity in the Gulf country. Important things included in the project are listed below.

1.  How India’s builder or building material company can provide Dubai’s infrastructure cheap and quality compared to other countries.

 2. India is an agricultural country so this speech will be about the agriculture industry, direct agricultural products and agricultural product processing.

Hardik will put all these important things in the carnival of Dubai and after this presentation, very small and big industries of India will get an opportunity to do business in Dubai.

 These 45 minutes of Hardik Singh Jadeja will prove the country great in front of Dubai and other big countries.  And it will be easier for Indians to start business in Gulf countries.

Article Written By: Krutika sinde