India’s leading Ed-Tech firm ‘RBei Classes’ announces expansion in multiple courses-Founded by Deepak Goyal CFA FRM

RBei ensure that every learner shall have access to quality and affordable education, which not only improves their academic performance but also makes them future-ready. RBei Classes have been solving for accessibility and affordability through quality courses from best teachers, instructors and faculty members, to ensure that students across all age groups are benefiting from the innovation in the education sector. This has elevated India’s position on the global map as an education hub. The overall Indian Ed-Tech ecosystem impacts over 500 million school students, college students and working professionals across India. Courses like CFA and FRM are really helping students to secure good jobs in Banks and investment banking firm. Deepak Goyal have the vision to ensure every individual must have quality financial knowledge. As now he is teaching only CFA and FRM but he feels like many students don’t have strong educational background so he will start basics course as well.

When we received data from Deepak we are really amazed to know that he is empowering women with financial knowledge as 40% of his students are married women in age group of 30-45 who are busy with family are now taking CFA and FRM courses from him and starting their career again. He even helps them to get job in good companies.

By providing real-time learning and understanding, futuristic goals can be obtained with the help of these platforms. This shift in the sector has also paved the way for a flow of innovative and practical learning. These learning trends will continue to grow post-pandemic as students now understand the importance of this technologically driven education that is only nourished towards more holistic development of children.

They use engaging video lessons, personalized learner’s journeys, unlimited practice sessions and engaging questionnaires to make learning truly fun. RBei  cover CFA, FRM and other financial courses but now they will be soon adding a wide variety of courses starting from class 9, graduation programs, banking preparation courses etc. along with that placement support.

They also have a learning app called RBei Classes which focuses on providing education digitally for CFA and FRM courses. They currently have 100+ employees and students in more than 25 countries. Few of their well-known subsidiaries are fintst, spick etc.

We wish luck to RBei Family and Deepak Goyal CFA FRM for this success in shortest time span and having global footprint.

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