Internet Marketing School Exponent 2022 – Striving for an Exponential Growth.

The modern-day era is increasingly becoming dependent on the digital space – allowing room for digital marketing to become a necessity. 

Internet Marketing School, since its inception, has been striving to raise such talents in the field of digital marketing. It is bringing industry-tailored modules to prepare students, professionals, and business owners as certified digital marketers. 

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In this quest, Internet Marketing School recently organized its national conference in the hills of Darjeeling. The aim was to boost the momentum of its personnel and strive to achieve an impressive count of 100+ centers till the next financial year.

Internet Marketing School – An Overview

Internet Marketing School was established in 2016, by Mr. Sanjay Singhania, the current director. The institute is chiefly operated by Mrs. Shalini Singhania.  

The vision behind this endeavour was to build future digital marketers and maximize digital marketing reach in India and all over the world. 

To put in the words of Sanjay Singhania, 

While the future is constantly stepping towards the digital age, industries are increasingly realizing the importance of digital marketing all over the world.”

With over 6400 students trained, Internet Marketing School is presently grooming hundreds of its students to the industry-relevant standard and preparing them for the modern corporate world. 

Internet Marketing School has currently spread over 9+ centres across India, with one international branch in Somalia, Eastern Africa. 

Growth Plans

While pursuing its vision of a better digital society, Internet Marketing School is inching towards establishing 100+ centres across India, five international centres, 100 crore targets, the team of 100+ best talents, 100% Facebook and LinkedIn Certified trainers by the end of the financial year 2022-23. 

Internet Marketing School Exponent 2022 – Striving for an Exponential Growth.

Internet Marketing School organized its annual conference titled “Internet Marketing School Exponent – Let’s Strive for an Exponential Growth” in Darjeeling from 8th March 2022 to 10 March 2022. 

The conference aimed to outline the structure of the organisation and to lay down the objectives for 2022 – 23. 

Mr. Amitava Ghosh, Mentor of Internet Marketing School, and Mr. Surojit Daw, Consultant of Internet Marketing School, were present to motivate and guide the organisation through their expertise for the upcoming financial year. 

Starting The Conference 

The conference was initiated with a welcoming note from the director Mr. Sanjay Singhania and the mentor, Mr. Amitava Ghosh, and Consultant, Mr. Surojit Daw. 

Internet Marketing School Exponent 2022 – Striving for an Exponential Growth.
  1. Technical Department

First, the technical department showcased their projection and discussed initiatives that could propel the institute to greater heights. 

Moreover, the module upgradation was also discussed, following which, several new modules were also planned to be included in the course.

  • Counsellor Department: The counsellor/sales department laid down its strategies and projected several plans to increase its conversion rate.

In addition, some offline marketing activities were also proposed for lead collection and conversion.

These were:

  • Seminars in colleges and schools
  • Leafleting and data collection
  • Tie-ups with education Consultants
  • Involving current students with various marketing activities
  • Promoting the organisation in different events

Inspirational Mentorship from Mr. Amitava Ghosh and Mr. Surojit Daw

The mentorship by Mr. Amitava Ghosh and Mr. Surojit Daw began by expressing their willingness to contribute to the growth of the organisation and making everyone promise to deliver the best of their capabilities.

Activity-based learning was also conducted in the form of various games that helped the team to explore different learning curves.

The first activity was called ‘Fire on the Mountain. Run! Run! Run!” In this, the players needed to run whenever Mr. Amitava Ghosh shouted the phrase. The members need to form a group in a specific number that was displayed by Mr. Surojit Daw. 

The formed groups then were assigned one ball each, where the players needed to throw and catch the ball only once. The ball here was termed as a potential lead that needed to be handled with care so that it did not bounce back or fall down. 

For the next activity, the same groups were instructed to describe their team members in the form of a common name, tagline, and a logo. This activity helped to inculcate a better understanding of respective team members and how to trust each other to obtain a common goal. 

The third activity was comprised of blindfolding an individual. His/her partner ought to tell the directions (without touching) towards a destination, where Mr. Surojit Daw was standing with a paper chit. The blindfolded person needed to get to him, get the paper and return back. 

This activity helped to develop trust between the blindfolded person and the guide so that the objective could be achieved successfully. 

Their guidance was found to be of great value and immensely contributed towards a growth strategy of the organisation for 2022-23.