Interview with the best-selling Author Shweta Patel

Shweta Patel is the bestselling author of “Mama’s Mission Slimpossible” – A Five-Step Mindfulness Formula to Lose Postpartum Weight, Take Charge, and Enjoy Motherhood.” Shweta is a women’s fitness and nutrition specialist as well as a professional weight reduction coach, in addition to being a fantastic writer. She is a P.h.D researcher (Clinical research) and the mother of two girls, the elder one is 3 years old and another is 3 months old. Shweta’s book was #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list in the categories of Medicine, Mind and Body Philosophy, and Lifestyle & Personal Style Guides (Kindle store).

Excerpt from the candid conversation with Shweta Patel.

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  1. How did your journey begin as an entrepreneur? What inspired you?

Shweta – My entrepreneurial path began when I became a mommy for the first time. After entering the postpartum period, I understood that weight gain is a major issue that every new mother faces; it is not only a source of body shame, but it also has a negative impact on physical and emotional health. I experienced placenta retention during my birth, which put me in a serious condition. By God’s grace, I lived, and the minute I saw my daughter, I made a commitment to myself that I would not leave this world without repaying Mother Nature. Later on, I decided to work for the health and fitness of our home’s goddesses, the moms.

  1. How would you like to enlighten your success and opportunities that moved you to grab perfection?

Shweta – As a woman, I’ve always wanted to do something to help other women in society. When I took on the position of mother, I learned that a woman’s life has been entirely transformed by a new life; she is at the worst part of her life, and few people understand her physical and emotional demands. I just extended my hands to hold them and say it’s okay to relax and rejuvenate. I’m here to assist you in regaining your physical and emotional health. Learning is a never-ending process that requires experience and is ongoing. Success, in my opinion, is the capacity to live your life as you like and to fully enjoy it.

  1. How do you inspire others?

Shweta – I believe your desire for achievement stems from your passion, interest, perspective, and perseverance. After overcoming my own post-pregnancy weight loss battle by losing 25 kgs in 8 months and conducting extensive research on 1000+ scientific evidence-based studies over the past 5 years, I have developed a simple yet effective formula that allows any mother with a 6-month postpartum period to lose significant weight in just 30 days without spending thousands on expensive fat-burning programmes and intensive workouts by making simple lifestyle changes. Crafting my expertise and experience into a book was a dream come true for me, and I accomplished it in less than a month while caring for an 18-month-old baby. I simply wanted to set an example for all the women who have given up on their health and are waiting for the ideal moment to arrive.

  1. Would you like to share some of your words of wisdom for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs?

Shweta – Writing a book can not only help us put words to our ideas, but it can also help us leave a legacy behind us. Don’t wait for the appropriate time to come; now is the greatest time to add a feather to your hat, especially if you’re an aspiring novelist or entrepreneur. Just believe in yourself and don’t let your concerns or opposition get in the way of your enthusiasm.

  1. As a public figure have you experienced any change in your life after becoming an author?

Shweta – Of course, life has taken a complete 360-degree turn. My family began to regard me as a high achiever, I began to value myself more than ever, and my perspective altered totally. For me, the last three years have been filled with accomplishments.

The book “Mama’s Mission Slimpossible” – Five-Step Mindfulness formula to lose postpartum weight, take charge and enjoy motherhood” is available on Amazon. Grab a copy of it now!

Shweta can be contacted via Instagram. Connect with her now for personalized post-pregnancy weight loss guidance and diet planning. @ishwetapatel.

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