Journey Of Parvez From Facebook To The Establishment of Renowned Direct Celebrity Management

Direct Celebrity Management is a company that provides you all the services for your weddings, family or corporate functions, appearances and the services that fulfil your desire to bring your favourite celeb to brighten your function.

Direct Celebrity Management is one of the leading celebrity management companies that has become the most preferred celebrity management community in the country. The company was established in October 2016 by Parvez to bring happiness to people’s lives and make their dreams into reality. Direct Celebrity Management is the most trusted brand and with their establishment, they have set benchmarks in this industry. The quality and premium services that are provided by Direct Celebrity Management have become the talk of the town.

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Direct Celebrity Management provides its services across India and the globe, making sure that you’re getting the best entertainment and happiness. Parvez has made the company reach on levels and have worked with celebrities for every occasion, to name a few Direct Celebrity Management have worked with are Shakti Kapoor, Raza Murad, Upasana Singh, Anup Soni, Mahesh Thakur, Delnaaz Irani, Suyyash Rai, Kiswar Merchant, Sara Khan, Gaurav Chopra, Shahwaaz Khan, Yogesh Tripathi and the list goes on. The firm has built a huge customer base since its establishment and the network of Direct Celebrity Management is unmatchable.

The unique and innovative concepts have always done wonders for their clients. The young, talented and passionate people at Direct Celebrity Management are always ready to assist you and help you with your queries and doubts. The venture was started by Parvez alone from square one using the social networking site, Facebook. Parvez purely belongs to a non-entrepreneurial and non-celebrity background, starting without any source using only the resources that were available with him. Parvez was asked about how he started from Facebook he replied, “I had Facebook friends who were artists and slowly and steadily I got to know about celebrity management and I grew curious about it. The more curious I got, the more deeply I researched.” Parvez recalls how his friend supported him with everything from naming it to establishing it. Now as the company has multi-folded the quality and services offered have multiplied as well. In the short time since its establishment, Direct Celebrity Management has given lifetime memorable experiences to people and continuously dedicated themselves towards the happiness of the people.

The Direct Celebrity Management company gives you a pocket-friendly budget and everything that you require. Direct Celebrity Management company brings to you Bollywood Celebrities, Singer, Tv Artists and other reputed people from the industry. They always strive to improve and are working on this direction dedicatedly, giving out 100% and building a base of customers that are more than happy with the services that are offered by the company.

Direct Celerity Management allows you to get access and book your slot with your celebrity easily without any complications or long-term paperwork. They’re easy and convenient to work with. Unparalleled services at Unmatchable prices.

You can book your slot with your favourite celebrity via the following links:

Facebook: Direct Celebrity Management

Instagram: Direct Celebrity Management (@directcelebritymanagement)