Once Again Neeru Bajwa Proves Why She is The ‘Queen Of Pollywood’, Performace in ‘Kali Jotta’ gives Goosebumps!

Much awaited movie ‘Kali Jotta’ released today in the cinemas worldwide. People were eagerly as the concept and storyline of the movie is untouched and unique for Punjabi Cinema. Moreover, people was waiting ti watch two legendary artists Dr. Sartaj and Neeru Bajwa together on screens. Wamiqa Gabbi, Deepak , CJ Singh, Sukhwinder Raj, Prakash Gadhu and Madam Rupinder Rupi played vital roles in the movie. We would review this movie according to sub points:

Neeru Bajwa: Neeru Bajwa always proves her work through her extraordinary efforts for her movies. In ‘Kali Jotta’ Neeru Bajwa is at her best and her performace gives goosebumps to the audiences. Once again Neeru Bajwa proves that why she is the Queen of Pollywood Industry. She played the character of Rabia who is cheerful and open minded girl and want to live happy. But she is not accepted by some egoistic males and society. She became the victim of these situations. She got mental torture after she faced so much in her life.

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Dr.Satinder Sartaj: We all know Dr. Sartan for his Sufi and soulful singing. But he is polished actor also. Dr. Sataj’s Diction and look was perfect according to his character. Satinder Sartaj did fully justice to his character as Didaar and audiences love the chemistry of Didaar and Rabia.

Wamiqa Gabbi: Wamiqa is one of the most polished actresses of pollywood industry. She practice her craft so well that we cannot blink our eyes when she is on screen. She is seen as Anant on screens in Kali Jotta. She is the who is fighter and wants to fight to give justice to her childhood teacher Rabia who just got mentally unstable due to a lot of activities happened in her life.

Director Dadu: Director is the one who can take out the best from an actor. Director can make or mar the character. Dadu did it so much well and utilize this amazing star cast splendidly . We can undoubtedly say that Vijay Kumar Arora took out Neeru Bajwa’s best on screen performance till now. Dadu did justice ti every small and big character by giving them right screen space.

Storyline: The best about this movie is its concept and story. The story of this movie is penned by Harinder Kour. Harinder made her official debut as a film writer with this movie. Previously she has written songs for Pollywood movies. Harinder Kour did it so well she reprented tge story of a woman who independent, open-minded and wants to live at her own terms. Rabia, who is naughty and cool comes in situation where male ego becomes supreme and tortured by her male colleagues just due to her independence and fearlessness.

  1. Technicalities: Talking about the technicalities of the movie, team has worked supremely on background music, dialogues and all the other things.

Hindustan Metro gives 4.5 Stars to Kali Jotta. What are your reviews ? let us know in comment section below.

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