“Kali Jotta” — RUNNING SUCCESSFULLY -The endless words of appreciation

Punjab, 8th February 2023: Satinder Sartaaj, Neeru Bajwa, and Wamiqa Gabbi’s dramatic emotional narrative Kali Jotta presented by Neeru Bajwa Entertainment, U&I Films and VH Entertainment has established itself as a fantastic start for Punjabi cinema this year, the movie has unquestionably contributed a significant impact on expanding the vision of the Punjabi movie plots. 

Every seat is taken! There are goosebumps all throughout the audience! The magic that has spread across the city through its ageless music is evident in the tunes that can be heard in every passing car and on the radios playing in every nook and corner; Nonetheless! The Filmmakers, Sunny Raj, Sarla Rani, Varun Arora and Santosh Subhash Thite are all in awe of the positive feedback and adoration the film has received.

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The praise does not stop there; some people refer to it as a “masterpiece,” “excellent direction,” or “a moralistic film,” while others describe it as a “heart-wrenching cinematic performance.” The movie was created to keep the audience hooked to their seats, and acting talent combined with directing skills can be used to describe the effort that went into making it.

Regardless of the film’s directing, background music, songs, or speech, the emotionally painful bleak life of Rabia that is depicted in it steals the show. The viewer is appreciating the characters’ inner feelings shown in even the smallest part of the frame. This film offers you some principles in addition to being a love story.

Satinder Sartaaj is short of words for the movie’s response, but says, “so much love, so much emotion busting in the form of tears from the eyes of the viewers is the real feedback that serves as the fruit of our hard work and patience.”

Actress Neeru Bajwa expresses her gratitude, saying, “it’s hard to explain what colours the movie has spread, everyone is talking about the movie being the most beautiful start of my year. I thank each one of you for your immense love and emotions.”