Khushi Khater– Inspiring story of a multi-record holder overcoming low self-esteem to coming out on top

Passionate about writing, speaking at TEDx event, and poetry, Khushi Khater is also intrigued by sketching. She is recognized by the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS as a certified record holder. She was conferred the Global Young Leader Fellowship and the KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD which is in association with iCONGO and the United Nations in addition to winning the INDIA STAR ICON AWARD in 2019. The NARI SAMMAN AWARD was also presented to her in 2020 and INDIAN WOMEN TALENT AWARDS 2022.

Who knew what her life would be four years from now, she didn’t believe it back then. Not only did she think she would rise above all odds with unending accomplishments but also, she never believed she could make those things happen for herself. But as the saying goes ‘where there is a will there is a way’ – Yes you got it right! if someone really wants to do something they will find a way to do it by setting their mind to doing something even if there are things that make it hard to do. Such was the willpower in Khushi that helped her to push her limits and embark on her journey to achieve goalswith an impactful change in her life. Today there is no dearth of praise coming her way from all quarters.

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Being born and raised byvery supportive parents, Khushi Khater’s life since childhood has been quite fun-filled and peaceful. She has always been a well-behaved child who has always been inclined to extra-curricular activities, however, her life has never been easy for this 21 years old girl. She has gone through various insecurities and bullying that she was subjected to in her early teens. She lost her self-esteem, there were several challenges both mentally and emotionally that she had to overcome to be where she is today at such a young age. She became stronger as a result of realizing she can’t give in to other people’s opinions. The only person she needed to impress was herself, and she refused to accept that she would lose sight of who she was in the process of trying to impress everyone else.

Khushi’s learning from insecurity and hardship has indeed led to a life of purpose and fulfillment and throughout her entire journey, she found her supportive parents and her younger sister as a driving force and pillar of strength by her side who have navigated her through the situation and let her believe in herself, face every demon, and persevere to achieve her dreams. Today she has become a source of inspiration for many youngsters out there and her unique self-esteem story is a live example. There are many youths of her age who look up to her as their role model.

Claim to Fame – Khushi Khater

  • Published her poetries at the age of 16 in the International Readers Digest: New York
  • Been a part of various competitions as an artist making a position as first or second runner up
  • Speaker at various national and international forums. At the age of 19, she delivered her first talk at the TEDx forum as the youngest speaker of the event.
  • Has been a panel judge and a chief guest at various events.
  • Has been a part of two anthologies.
  • Official record holder at the India Book of Records. Winner of Indian Star Icon Award, recipient of Karmaveer Chakra Award, Nari Samman Award, and Indian Women Talent Award.

Khushi concludes by saying “Failures and rejections, my dear friends, are only a part of life; believe in yourself to become the finest version of yourself. We begin to strengthen ourselves once we start accepting them. Go ahead and lead the life you’ve always wanted to lead. Never allow a lack of self-worth to negatively impact your life; instead, work on improving it while learning to accept everything, even criticism. Never forget how lovely life is; think outside the box to accomplish ground-breaking things, but always hold onto your passion, dream, and self-assurance.I made the decision to transform my life, attitude, approach, and way of viewing the world the day I came to this realization. I’ve come a long way thanks to my confidence and to everyone who supported me in my journey, and I still have a long way to go.”