Kolkata bubbles with energy always, says our very own celebrity Samarpit Kanwatia

Mr Samarpit Kanwatia, Mumbai based acclaimed celebrity astrologer recently visited Kolkata for work-cum-social presence visit and had an amazing time in the “City of Joy”.

“True to its name, it is really a city of joy. With so much buzzing around and people so excited in life and towards life it was amazing to see how one still takes out time in today’s difficult time to enjoy themselves. Also, the good part of Kolkata is that though it is an A+ list city, it is very reasonable in its living. I love Kolkata in a personal capacity also as I have grown up in and around Kolkata, as I was born in Jamshedpur. The variable and varieties that you get to see in Kolkata is wonderful and unbelievable in multiple layers and verticals.”

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“One thing I have always symbolised Kolkata with is, colours. The people wear lovely colours which unfortunately, for some reason I do not get to see in my State. I tease my family and folks that pictures, if shot aesthetically and yet smartly, then the by-lanes of Kolkata can be passed off as Italy.

It has a European sureality to it.”

When asked about clients there whom he consults in Kolkata, “Oh they are beautiful people. Very realistic and very honest to their queries and their needs. People from West Bengal and Kolkata are exceptionally well-read people so their tone always sounds reverence to their guide and I am to witness one episode where I can say that they were impolite, forget being rude. They come and ask their queries, get their answers, smile, bless you, and leave. What else can I ask for? as a guide and a consultant. You have to see how polite they are; it is to the level of being an obedient student. They make all necessary foot notes and will have very sound and logical questioning. Also, the underlying fact is that they are nice clean people and that reflects in their tone tonality and character.”

I am, personally very happy, when I am making a work tour to Kolkata and have always looked forward to meeting them, talking to them and consulting them to the best of my capacity”

When asked to elaborate the purpose of visiting the city this time, “This time after a long time I visited Kolkata also for a social wedding of a very young dynamic boy whom I have seen as a child and is more of a son to me. The wedding was celebrated in Kolkata by our extended family friends. What worked very well was the month of December, lovely hand-picked invited guests, a warm family atmosphere, and to top it up or more like an icing on the cake was- the weather of Kolkata, which I must admit was par excellence. Otherwise too, the city being lit in the park street area for the whole long road was something to admire and enjoy, enhancing the gothic sentiment of the city.”

Asking on the political scenario of West Bengal “I do not think I am the right person to answer this as heads of all states are chosen democratically and they represent the sentiment of that state in their action. Have you seen any leader ever who will destroy their state with their own hands? These people are stalwarts in their own right and know how to govern a majority of people. Believe it or not, they have given a lot of themselves than they have got. Let us not go there as it does not make any sense to ask a fish to gauge the height of a tree. The fish will stand to be a misfit. All leaders are very good and let us just let them do their job, which they know better than you and me. We, on our end should just focus on how we as citizens of our country and state can come to some use to them.” concludes Samarpit ji.

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