Life-Changing Smile Transformation in Ahmedabad. Fixed Teeth in Just 3 Days!

Have you ever wondered what life can be without teeth? Daily tasks like eating food becomes extremely difficult for people without teeth. There are multiple reasons for missing teeth. These can be:

  1. Age-old problems 
  2. Dental infections like Periodontitis
  3. Accident or a fall that results in loss of teeth or fractured teeth
  4. Congenital problems where the teeth never erupt 

Several treatment options are available currently, but the best & safest option is dental implants. Over the years, dental implants have proven to be an ideal solution for patients without any teeth. Conventional dental implant treatment can be time-consuming and costly in India. Patients have to wait for almost 3-6 months to get fixed teeth in this type of treatment. Moreover, conventional implantology has its own disadvantages and hassles. Not every patient is a candidate for dental implants.

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The latest and most advanced technology in dental implant treatment is Basal Implantology, also called Immediate Dental Implant Treatment. Understanding the pain and rejections patients experience, Dr. Kiran Patel decided to challenge the impossible, possible, by assuring all patients of a life-changing smile transformation with dental implants in just 3 days. Any patient can be treated with this type of science, and it even has a 99% success rate!! 


Dr Patel is regarded as Ahmedabad’s best dental implant surgeon. After completing his BDS & MDS in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in India, he went on to pursue Masters in Immediate Functional Loading Implantology from Munich, Germany. He has been trained under the world-famous Strategic Implantologist, Dr Stefan Ihde. He has to his credit 800+ successful dental implant cases and has placed 15,000+ basal implants in patients all over India. Dr. Patel is one of the handful experts in India in Permanent Dental Implantation within 72 hours.


Using basal implants, Dr Kiran can provide fixed teeth to any patient within three appointments. Following are the advantages: 

  • Minimally Invasive Technique (only one surgical intervention)
  • Bloodless, Sutureless, Flapless Procedure 
  • 100 % Result Oriented Dental Procedure
  • Safe, Fast & Efficient Surgery
  • Treatment Completed in just 72 Hours 
  • Return to Normal Life in just 3 Days


Day 1: Consultation and discussion of the treatment plan

First Appointment: Removal of the affected teeth and immediate implant placement.

Second Appointment: Trying-in of the bridge (new set of teeth)

Third Appointment:  Permanent fixation of the bridge & correction of the bite.


An ideal treatment for all

Whether you are having diabetes or you are a chain smoker, or suffering from any other disease, you can opt for basal dental implantation. Regardless of age, the presence of residual teeth, and the extent of bone loss, a basal dental implant is an ideal treatment for all.

No blood loss, hassle-free treatment

Basal dental implant requires only one surgical intervention while splinting strategic implants with the bridge. It causes no blood loss, is painless, and requires no surgery.

Less treatment Duration

The treatment can be accomplished in just three days with just three sittings on consecutive days.

Easy Maintenance

Strategic dental implants are easy to maintain and require one or two visits to your doctor annually.

Improved appearance

Basal dental implant gives a natural-like look and feel. As they fuse with the cortical jaw bone and act like your actual roots, they provide a natural appearance same as your original teeth would give.

Improved speaking ability

With the traditional poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can slip in your mouth, and you might slur the words. However, with basal dental implantation, you can speak naturally and clearly the way you used to with your original teeth.

Success Rate

This type of science has around a 99% success rate, higher than conventional dental implants and traditional bridges and dentures.

Transform your smile at the hands of the best dental surgeon, Dr Kiran Patel.

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